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How To Set-up a Microphone In Logic Pro

If you’re stuck trying to get Logic Pro to recognize your Blue Snowball USB mic or Samson USB mic, there’s a simple solution.

Open Audio MIDI setup in your Applications/Utilities folder and from the Audio menu, select Open Aggregate Device Editor. If you have problems finding the Audio MIDI setup then merely type "Audio MIDI setup" into the spotlight and go from there.


Once the Aggregate Device Editor is open, then use the drop-downs to select your mic (Samson in this case) for the Default Input and Properties For

Open Aggregate Device Editor

Click on the “+” to add an aggregate device. Select your mic as the input and your regular soundcard as the output. If you use your mic away from your regular soundcard, like when you’re on the road, you may also want to create another aggregate device with your output set to the “Built-In Output” and input set to your mic. You might want to rename your aggregate devices to something that’s easily recognizable. Click Done and close the Audio MIDI Setup.

Aggregate Device Editor

In Logic Pro, open the Audio Preferences menu: Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio.

Logic Pro Audio Preferences

Your aggregate device is now an available device in the Core Audio menu of your Audio Devices. Select it and relaunch. Inputs 1-2 will give you input from your mic.

Core Audio Devices

Finally, you may have to go into your System Preferences and select audio. Once there make sure your Input is set to the Aggregate Device as below.


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