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Objective Reality and Rational Thought

3.1 Rational Thought and Objective Reality

GIGO: garbage in, garbage out.
WIWO: wisdom in, wisdom out.

imgThat is how your computer works. Hopefully, this Workbook is WIWO. We are trying to guide you to use your computer to guide your 90% dormant brain to accept---or reject---its own wisdom. That wisdom comes as a free gift from DNA (deoxyribo-nucleic acid). Your genetic intelligence is trying to teach your GIGO-polluted brain to self-release its neurons systematically/system-automatically toward/into 100% completion of your central nervous system. Your GIGO or WIWO brain's decision to accept---or reject---is determined by your reasoning. Reasoning is the process of making decisions. All decision can be broken down into simple binary yes/no questions/answers. Anything less than that is "asymptotic" behavior---almost, but not quite, correct.

To not make a wisdom decision for your Self is to allow/relegate/force others to do it for you. And they may not be wise. Thus, you as a democratic individual are reduced to the role of a follower. Blind conformist. Obedient slave. Which do you think is easier/better:

1) To allow others to make your Life-shaping decision for you? Or,
2) To make your own decisions about your physical, intellectual, emotional and/or spiritual (PIES) growths?

The danger of giving away the responsibility of your own decision making process to someone else is: GIGO. The garbage coming into your brain pollutes and rots your basic personality structure (BPS) in two ways:

First, you do not grow in your own way at your own pace toward a standard of excellence offered intuitively by your genetic intelligence. When you do not assume responsibility for the yes/no decision of whether GIGO or WIWO goes into your brain computer, you cannot complain when your emotions vomit and your body collapses.

Second, you become a parasite. You become dependent upon others doing your work for you. You become hooked on the neural narcotic of infantile narcissistic suck. When you do not take on the job of making the yes/no decision of whether GIGO or WIWO goes into your brain computer, you no longer are a free wo/man. You are a cultural conformist slave, obedient to the binary decisions made about your Life by the leaders of institutions: political, economic, educational, religious, military and media.

Conversely, if you choose to be a freeman or freewoman, you discover the glee of decision-making. You luxuriate in the child playsie funsie gamsie of allowing you rational thought to bubble up out of your skull volcano powered by DNA magma.

Rational thought comes from the facts of reality. Rational thought is validated by the process of reasoning occurs reflexively when genetic intelligence guides your personal intelligence to understand and use the standard of excellence intuitively know: "I can grow toward cosmic intelligence."

The ability to think rationally is an instinct hard-wired into each infant brain. It determines survival of the fittest. All animal children are driven compulsively to learn. All wise adults teach children to learn to think rationally. The abandoned child not taught to think rationally blunders into being a wild animal. If an adult no longer has the instinct to learn and to think rationally, he/she was not taught by wise teachers during childhood to grow/cultivate this instinct continuously. Adult stopped learning can be re-started by an act of willpower. Your now decision of whether or not to learn to re-start your 10% functioning brain toward/into 11%, 22%, 44% smarts is your individual act of will. Are you driven or lazy?

Although you were born with genetically driven curiosity, imagination and playfulness to learn rational thought, you were not born with the rules of logic which empirically build the pyramid toward your ultimate brain operating system skills (BOSS), that should have been taught to you as a child by your surrounding adults. Hence, during each stage of this Workbook you re-test your Self to see if you still are survival of the fittest: "Do I want to integrate/harmonize the information of this lesson into my knowledge base and memory library? Do I want to learn to re-analyze those values, attitudes and behaviors that were put into my child cognitive fix so as to now judge which were right and which were wrong? In short, do I want to learn to accomplish/perform rational thought?"

Rational thought comes from the facts of reality tempered by the wisdom of experience mellowed over the span of history. That reasoning is cumulated in the canon of wisdom literature created by intelligent teachers who value intelligence above all other virtues. Their virtue is to warn you of the pollutant which others try to force into your brain: Mysticism. Ir-rational thought. Lies. Garbage.

By so avoiding these toxins, you allow your genetic intelligence to teach you personal intelligence to grow you up.

3.2 The Scientific Method of Enquiry.

The single prime objective of this Workbook is to guide you to teach your Self how to maximize your power of rational thought. Rational thought is based upon objective reality---which, in turn, is part of Big Computer In The Sky: "Thought---Thou Ought."

The converse of rational thought is ir-rational thought. Ir-rational thought is based upon a foundation constructed of neurotic and/or mystical values, attitudes, and behaviors.

So how do you know whether or not you are dealing with objective reality instead of subjective ir-rationality? The love kiss instead of the hand grenade?

How do you know whether or not you are dealing with a neurotic compulsion or mystical mumbo jumbo instead of a wisdom? Prayer or penicillin?

Science, that's how.

Science is the empirical method of inquiry. Mumbo jumbo is the mumbo jumbo method of inquiry.

Science gives you a solid tool for discovering objective reality.

Science is the measurement of a relationship between two or more elements within the logical components that make up each orderly sub-system upon the Earth system and throughout the Universe system.

The scientific method of inquiry is based upon a foundation of rational thought studying and discovering objective reality.

The scientific method of inquiry inquires into:

In short, Nature. Primal Nature.

This Workbook is based upon the science which guides you to use your computer to release your 90% dormant brain so that it understands and uses all of primal nature in this one Lifetime. Your computer is guiding your brain release via your rational thought. Your rational thought is using your computer to guide your personal intelligence to see and understand and use your genetic intelligence to increase your rational thought. All via child playsie funsie gamsie. Via the primary creative production of using the scientific method of inquiry to induce ecstacy emotion. The funnn comes simply by growing toward the standard of excellence of cosmic intelligence. Thereby proving, scientifically, that you are survival of the fittest (SOTF), instead of soft.

To "know" a knowledge is to comprehend it as a fact or as a value. A fact can be proven objectively. Scientifically. a value can not be proven objectively, scientifically. A value can only be persuaded subjectively, philosophically. The value of a value can only be agreed upon by two or more people, but it cannot be proven as an absolute datum.

Both the scientific method of inquiry and the philosophic method of inquiry rely on logic to arrive at their end conclusions. But those end conclusions are radically different from each other. For example, you can prove scientifically that the sun sets at a certain time and with a specific temperature. You cannot prove scientifically that it is a beautiful sundown. Only the philosophic method of inquiry can persuade you to agree on the probability of that.

The philosophic method of inquiry is asymptotic. In mathematics, an asymptote is the gap between two almost parallel lines which approach each other but which finally touch only at infinity. To be asymptotic is to be 99.9999999999999999% sure, but not 100% certain.

The scientific method of inquiry is 100% certain.

The philosophic method of inquiry is subjective im-precision.

The scientific method of inquiry is objective precision.

A scientific fact is a statement of direct observation and/or measurement.

A philosophic value is a statement of in-direct, subjective observation and/or measurement.

A belief system is a value system frozen at the asymptote of no longer wanting to learn new true truths. The person frozen into a immutable belief system cannot verify the assumptions which he/she presents as "fact" because he/she no longer uses rational thought and precision logic to analyze subjective reality so as to arrive at objective reality.

In this Workbook, only fact and arguments based upon scientific objectivity are presented by the authors and should be presented by the reader.

The Scientific Method of Inquiry is based upon the following child playsie funsie gamsie acronym:

Observation of a natural phenomenon;
Hypothesis: testable yes/no statement of how the phenomenon works;
Instrumentation gadgets designed to measure the random data generated;
Measurement of data with precision;
Quantification in simple/understandable/believable numbers;
Experimentation to test-one/delete-one variable against a constant;
Replication of that experiment to verify its objective truth;
Control of constants/variables so no phoney faking or wish fulfillment of data occurs.
Prediction of future events to improve life via this experiment.

The mnemonic device for remembering each step of the scientific method of inquiry is: O-HIM-QuER-CoP.

That's all there is to it. No mystery. No obfuscation. Just use these simple tools to discover the lower reality existence of one more part of higher reality. Your computer increasingly will help guide you to use these fun tools to do your work of discovering how to grow up. This Workbook uses these same tools in order to guide you so you do not get trapped in asymptotic factoids and emotional arguments. To make sure you constantly avoid the trap, periodically ask your Self: Am I being objective? Or am I trapping my Self in subjective opinion and wish-fulfillment base upon my philosophic/mystic asymptosis? Is each fact with which I am dealing based upon objective evidence, which, in turn, is based upon hard facts discovered through the use of scientific tools?"

But do not become a sciency robot. Indeed, do use confidently and enjoy yummily your subjective emotions, thoughts, ideas, intuitions and instincts. Science knows much, but it does not know everything. Like, "Who am I?" And, "What is Life?" And, "Where am I going?" Merely balance your subjective hunches with your objective facts judiciously. That too is a harmonious part of rational thought and lower/higher reality.

Now, one more seeming paradox which seems to say that the scientific method of inquiry is not quite the king of the hill it sometimes claims to be.

Indeed, the negative enemy of rational thought and critical intelligence is asymptosis. Yet, curiously, as some sort of divine joke, getting stuck at a sub-threshold un-conscious asymptote also can be a positive blessing-in-disguise. A magical mystical gift beyond science.

Consider the paradoxical statement from historically experienced and realistically wisdomed sages: The asymptote also is a way you can click your brain from retrogressive problem-solving failure to progressive problem-solving success.

The positive asymptote allows you to snatch victory from defeat.

The positive asymptote is the genetically driven patience which chain-reacts into 100% creative intelligence.

The positive asymptote is the neurally routine procedure by which genetic intelligence tests your personal intelligence to see whether or not you consciously choose to grow---intuitively---into your 90% dormant neural circuits. Into cosmic intelligence.

The positive asymptote invites you to answer the question, "Who am I?," with: "I am an automatic neuronal computer receiving higher intelligence. I re-compute this higher genetic intelligence and cosmic intelligence into my personal intelligence. My personal intelligence then re-computes problems into solutions which guide all people still confused by this seeming dichotomy between higher reality and lower reality. I help guide them to understand how their lower intelligences also can receive and use this higher intelligence. How do I do it? Simple. I receive that advance evolutionary wisdom simply by being quiet and comfortable with each asymptotic problem which seems 'insoluble.' I simply wait---days, weeks, months, years---until my growing brain instinctively makes the decision to compute its solution through my dormant neurons---thereby making them not so dormant."

Your positive asymptote is playing Life as a fun game so as to give you ultimate intellectual meaning, mountaintop emotional fulfillment and supreme spiritual satisfaction.

Self-Study Skills:

1. In your own amusing way (using a dictionary as your base definition) define:


2. Essay: "how can I use the scientific method of inquiry and the philosophic method of inquiry in balanced harmony to improve my brain power endlessly?"

3. Describe how your negative asymptotic behavior impedes you decision making process. How your positive asymptotic behavior accelerates your decision making process.

4.a) Itemize the decision others make for you.

b) Which should you be making for your Self?

c) Which decisions do you allow others to make for you because you lack the knowledge base and/or the boss operating self- therapy skills (BOSS)?

d) Which decisions do you allow/force others to make for you because you are lazy?

e) If lazy, why? Which bad values, attitudes and behaviors acquired earlier in Life---per-programmed into your child cognitive fix---caused you to be so lazy?

5. Why is it to your advantage to verify incoming data? Give an example of what may happen if you try to function using faulty data.

6. How can you improve upon your ability to verify incoming data?
Write an algorithm to perform such. Include IS and GS.

7.a) Why is it to your advantage to use external storage devices?

b) What types of information would you rather not store in your memory library?

c) How can you assure that such information is not stored?

d) Write both a heuristic and the algorithms that will insure that such information is not stored. Include IS and G.

8. Discuss in terms of energy/entropy the effects of trivial information.

9. Take one or more of your behaviors and describe each in terms of data flow (input, process, output).

EC: Extra Credit:

1.a) How can you use your understanding of computers to help guide you toward 100% efficient decision making?

b) How can you use your understanding of computers to help guide you toward 100% rational thinking?

c) Why is it to your advantage to do so?

d) Write both a heuristic and the algorithms necessary for increasing your decision making. Include IS and G.

2. Create a database that will keep a file of positive experiences and one of negative experiences. Continue to update as your growth continues.

Cooperative Education Skills: "Brain Buddy"

1. Communicate. With your brain buddy share your positive and negative experiences. Discuss how you can insure that you experience more of the positive things in life. Write a heuristic and the algorithms needed to eradicate the pain of negative experiences. Include IS and G.

2. Start by spending at least 15 minutes a day (in time increase it by 15 minutes a day until your life is dominated by such) with your brain buddy discussing ideas instead of people/places/things. How does it feel? Do you find it difficult to discuss non-trivial matters? Why? Write a heuristic and the algorithms needed to change your behaviors so that your life will not be dominated by trivia? What is the advantage of doing so?

3. Feedback. Devise a procedure of communication with your brain buddy that will give them feedback when you see that his/her life is being dominated by trivia. Come up with a signalling system so that you can inform the other of such when they begin to regress into excessive trivia. What is the advantage of having such a system?

4.a) Create an Oral Test Exam: "What is the Scientific Method of Inquiry?" What is the Philosophic Method of Inquiry?" Prepare simple, logical question. Give the test to your brain buddy.

b) Have your brain buddy prepare a similar Oral Test Exam and give it to you.

c) What other concepts within this lesson do you see as being worthy of inclusion in you Love Exam? Include them.

APS: Advanced Personal Skill:

1.a) Use positive asymptosis to flow into higher intelligence.

b) Use your morning pre-conscious reverie---just before waking fully---to compute the solution to a lower reality problem by allowing higher reality cosmic intelligence to do the flow work for you.

c) Create a general theory explaining why BOSS "should" be a natural, automatic part of every individual's personality and character. Write the heuristic and algorithms needed to incorporate BOSS.

d) Create a working hypothesis to run an experiment scientifically testing to prove the existence of positive asymptosis and its organic presence in every brain. Write the algorithm needed for experimental design. Get a National Science Foundation grant to hire staff and test subjects and to perform the experiment comprehensively. Publish your results. Win your Nobel Prize.

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