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BSC Introduction

1 Preface

"Modern science demonstrates that the human brain is working at only 10% of its given power." 

This is how this page initially began. Furthermore, it can be found in almost all of the works by TD Lingo, the creator of Brain Self-Control, and the author of the statement above. At the time of his writing this was a statement that was generally accepted by the scientific community. Today such a claim would be laughed at and most would use it as a justification to discount the work that followed. So, before delving any further into this workbook we should shed a little light on the subject of "brain dormancy" and put it in its modern context.

Let us begin by saying that: “Your brain is 90% dormant” equates to “You are not using your brain to its full genetic potential and maintaining it in an optimized state.”

At the time of Lingo's initial writings the human brain was one of the greatest unknown frontiers.. You need to realize that Lingo began his work with the human brain in the mid 1960's, a time when awareness of "human consciousness" was beginning to awaken in American culture via the introduction of psycho-active drugs.

While Aldous Huxley was writing about the Door of Perceptions, there were researchers like Luria, Eccles, Norbert, McClean, Norbert Weiner and Warren McClulloch who were not only looking at the physical properties of the human brain and the self-organization of biological systems, but were paving the way of neural networks and artificial intelligence. During this age of neurological discovery the typical American was being indoctrinated with the pseudo-scientific paradigm of quantification is what determines truth. Remember, it was the Cold War Era, the race to the moon was on...and science was God. Accordingly, any field of study was deemed acceptable only if there was quantifiable data to go along with the assertions, assumptions, observations, and in some cases just lame statements...but in the end, it was the “numbers” that brought credibility.

Accordingly, it was a natural expectation that those who were involved in brain research and systems analysis put a quantifiable number on the functionality of the system under study. How else could the concept be “sold” in what was becoming the digital age?

Thus, the debates, arguments, dialogs, polemics, contentions, etc., began. The world of neurology and consciousness had proponents from both sides. One representative argument that was in place at the time this paper was a Research Report on Dormancy of the Human Brain.

Wikipedia seems to direct a refutation directly at Lingo by stating: “Although folklore would have it that about 90% of the human brain is dormant, this has proven scientifically unfounded; researchers until the mid 1990s focused on only a small portion of the brain in efforts to understand its computational capacity.”

Thus, the assertion that any quantification can be put on the dormancy of the human brain is without merit. It cannot be stated that the human brain possesses any quantified amount of dormancy.

The key concept mentioned above is “computational capacity.” Computational capacity of the human brain comes under many different classifications: artificial intelligence, neural networks, neuroscience, computer simulation, neuro-modeling, parallel processing, systems analysis, etc. The primary concepts involved in today add greater understanding to the “dormancy” concept while simultaneously throwing the quantifiable “brain dormancy” model out...a paradox of sorts. What one should walk away with here is that if one wants to put the term “dormancy” and “brain” in the same statement then such a statement should include the theoretical works of the above mentioned fields. Only then, can we appreciate what our genetically determined neural potential. Furthermore, the only mathematical term that goes with the concept of "human brain" is "infinite." Accordingly, the potential for the human brain is infinite and our cultural inhibitions are what prevent us from attaining what should be naturally occurring higher states of Cosmic Consciousness...a state where the Self becomes infinite and is perceived as such.

The work of Paul McClean and his work on the The Triune Brain showed that the brain is composed of three regions. Brain research today comprises such fields of study as: neural networks, artificial intelligence, fuzzy networks, bio-computing, etc. Merely Google the terms and study if you wish to attain a greater understanding.

Again, the potential for the human brain is infinite. One question to be asked that further refutes the "brain dormancy" argument is how can an infinite entity be quantified. By definition...the infinite cannot be quantified. Whoops...bye-bye "90% brain dormancy" argument.

With a simple understanding of neuro-systems it is easy to see how one sub-system can dominate over other sub-systems. A greater understanding of this can be found at The Self and Self-Realization and Social Responsibility. If we approach the brain system as a system of neural networks then it is merely a simple matter of understanding how the networks form, if they form at all, organize, and then map themselves towards attaining a genetically/environmentally defined goal state. Consequently, one human brain may map toward a specific domain as a result of environmental, psychological, and physiological factors, while another brain may map to another direction. All of this brings into play the role of the environment in determining behavioral outcomes and the role of neural self-organization. Is the human brain genetically programmed to attain greater optimization and higher orders of complexity?

The primary goal of Brain Self-Control is to map the brain system into its higher neurological sub-systems. Many argue that we are genetically programmed towards attaining higher states of consciousness as first presented by Maurice Bucke's book: “Cosmic Consciousness.” Modern research will provides further evidence to support his assertions, but if one is still skeptical about the capacity of the human brain to evolve into higher-states of consciousness, then one thing must be still be accounted for–-the very nature of dynamic systems and self-organization .

The human body system, and all of its sub-systems are dynamic. All dynamic systems are in continual states of flux, they are growing into/towards higher states of organization in their continual fight against entropy and chaos. Accordingly, the human brain sub-system is evolving into/toward a greater state of order. The human brain system is genetically programmed to evolve out of the lower brain centers where specific types of behavior can be found, and into the higher brain centers where another set of behaviors are found. Behaviors that ultimately guide the Self from self-centered ego needs/wants to states where the Self works towards "thou" directed acts of altruism which ultimately leads to species survival.

The essence of BSC is to provide the end-user with the set of tools that will help him/her evolve into the higher brain centers. One of the better ways of looking at the brain is to view it as one would a computer. You have the hardware component (the brain), the operating system (genetically programmed behaviors) that runs the hardware, and then you have the various software applications (attitudes/values/beliefs) that are run and generate specific tasks. If you have a "buggy" computer, then the first thing you do is clean the system of any malicious software that may be hidden deep within the system (these could be childhood traumas in the case of the human adult brain.) If you are reading this then you are aware of: computer viruses, spy ware, ad-ware, etc. With a greater understanding of computers you know that your registry is susceptible to various errors and may need cleaning and re-programming in order to maintain prime optimization. The same holds true for your brain.

On the software side, there are applications that you use to perform certain tasks. Just as there are neurological applications/behaviors/attitudes that perform certain tasks. Many times these applications are just sitting there waiting to be installed by the end-user. Your brain is in a semi-state of latency just waiting for someone or something to put it into place. This is where BSC comes in.

With BSC there are tools to rid your brain of any malicious software. Some of thee tools will help you go deep into your brain system and identify these “bugs” and then give you the tools necessary to rid your brain of them. There are applications that can help you uninstall any old, unwanted applications that are no longer needed or wanted. Now you are ready to install new programs that not only will increase your neurological efficiency and help you interface with the higher brain centers, but you will also acquire skills to both optimize and maintain your brain system. At times this will be a very painful process, and you will be encourage to form a support group of "brain buddies."

Ultimately, you will learn to use your brain to its full potential. You will learn to click into higher brain centers, and map your neural networks according to the value/attitude/belief systems that you will put into place as you build you individual identity and philosophy. As you come across the phrase: “the brain is 90% dormant..” you need to be cognizant of what it implies.. “Your are not using your brain to it full potential.” Instead, realize that you, have the ability to put into action mechanisms that will have life changing implications. You will attain higher states of cognitive functioning, and states of consciousness that we are only now beginning to understand.

Let us leave with the words of Australian Neurology Nobel Laureate Sir John Eccles. (Lecture: University of Colorado, University Memorial Center Boulder, July 31, 1974.)

"The brain indicates its powers are endless."


1.1 Say Hello Hellow

"Modern science demonstrates that the human brain is working at only 10% of its given power." 

This is like driving a 10-cylindered car firing only one piston.  Do you think you can successfully and sanely drive over the Rocky Mountains of Life with such a wheezing, inefficient, clunker?  Do you want to increase your efficiency by hooking-up two pistons working in harmony within your skull motor?  Three?  Five?  All?

Are you ready to learn how to self-circuit progressively into 100% brain powered creative intelligence, ethical rightness, biosphere wisdom, comfortable prosperity, shared love and absolute happiness?

Gene ImageYour hunger and drive for learning Life is encoded genetically.  It is natural.  You were born with the curiosity, imagination and playfulness to learn everything about everything. Especially about your Self.  Your understanding of computers can help you harmonize with your DNA in order to complete that learning into infinite Life smarts and intelligence.

Know this:  Whole brainpower can be learned.  Once you make the decision to accept the free gift of your natural curiosity and enthusiasm about understanding your brain cell neurons, then all you need to do is the work.  Once you start doing the "Self-Study Exercises" at the end of each Lesson within this Brain Self-Control Workbook, your inner genetic intelligence will give you your personal map of directions.  These hunches, instincts, intuitions and ideas automatically will guide you into your personal magnificent growth.

This Workbook will guide you to discover your own unique inner map of directions toward/into releasing your 90% dormant neural potentials.  The guiding will be via 100% verifiable neurological facts.

To get maximum scientific efficiency out of your private brain, you now are being invited to understand how your magical central nervous system works in cooperation and much like your machine computer system. That understanding is based upon the solid facts of neurology and computer science. As we go from Lesson to Lesson, you will be introduced progressively, but gently, to more and more facts about your brain and your computer so as to integrate the two.  This integration will bleed out any past mumbo jumbo mysticism you may have absorbed about either mechanism, thereby allowing both to unify into maximizing your rational thought. 

Shall the work be hard?  Nope.  Work = Play.  Simply play with the contents of each Lesson.  As child playsie funsie gamsie, merely frolic with the "Self-study Exercises" bringing each Lesson into pragmatic focus. There are no "right" answers or "wrong" ways to study this text and do these exercises. There are only YOUR answers. Only YOUR way. But, to get all you have coming to you in this one Life, you should study each Lesson as intensely as you can.  You should do each exercise as honestly as you can. Neuron

It is to your benefit to set-up a daily regimen of brainwork. The more sporty labor you put into your Self, the more your Self will give you success, prosperity and happiness. 

The only dis-ease which blocks you from getting your ultimate Life meaning is:  Laziness. Remember.  The decision to not grow up or to yes grow through learning is up to you.  You either do not want to learn your Self or you do.  If you have decided to not learn to use your personal computer to melt your frozen personal brain, then you have made the decision to go against the genetic flow for winning victory in today's and tomorrow's technological world.  But, if you have chosen “yes” to gush along with the wisdom of your DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) then you shall be a leader in the world of humane nano-technology and neuro-technology.


 Do you want to re-gress into an economic/political/emotional loser?  Yes or no?

 Or do you want to progress into an American/Earthly hero?  Yes or no?

 The choice is yours.

 If you choose growth, reflexively you will progress day-by-day into a neurological winner.  And that will allow you to enjoy the spontaneous fruits of primary creative production, moral goodness, ecological responsibility, money well being, honest affection and emotional fulfillment.

Soh Soh.  You alone must make the Life decision.  Yes or no?



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