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Brain Self-Contol

TD Lingo


A toolkit of backward self—therapy to release inhibitors blocking forward self-circuiting into dormant frontal lobes, transcendence into egolessness and finished maturation of whole brain power in the Lifeforce.

This workbook was the easiest to scan and edit, consequently it was the was the first to be published on the Web. It is one of the shorter workbooks by Lingo, and was in Lingo's words: "...watered down for the general masses." Far greater works by T.D. are slated for release soon. This workbook should be used as a primer.



Author’s Life-View


Lesson 1: Universe

Lesson 2: Backward Self-Therapy

Lesson 3: Consciousness

Lesson 4: Thought

Lesson 5: Value System

Lesson 6: Freedom from Parents

Lesson 7: Meditation

Lesson 8: Child Cognitive Fix

Lesson 9: Ego

Lesson 10: Sleep and Dream Analysis

Lesson 11: Morning Pre―Conscious

Lesson 12: Daily Sensitivity Measurement

Lesson 13: Daily Power Measurement

Lesson 14: Forward Self-Circuiting

Lesson 15: Methodology; Scientific Method of Inquiry

Lesson 16: Electrical Property of Nerves

Lesson 17: Schematic Diagram of the Nervous System

Lesson 18: Peripheral Data Processing

Lesson 19: Automatic Control Circuits

Lesson 20: Permanently Wired-In Behavior

Lesson 21: Electrical Nature of Conscious Mental Processes

Lesson 22: Control Centers of Emotion and Consciousness

Lesson 23: The Frontal Lobes

Lesson 24: Memory

Lesson 25: Automatic Learning

Lesson 26: Higher Learning

Lesson 27: Computers and the Brain

Lesson 28: Homo Novus


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