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Lesson 1: Universe

Taste the star dome atop this wilderness mountain. Feel child awe, There are 100,000,000,000 stars in our home galaxy: the Milky Way. Why? There are 100,000,000,000 galaxies, each with stars and planets. Why? Feel child wonder, Expand consciousness out to cosmos. Contract consciousness down to atom. Zoom out and down. Consciousness, What a toy! Reality. Knowing. Wow.

1.Within this context, discuss:

Who am I?
What is Life?
Where am I going?

2.Discuss your value system: The relation of you to your Self. The relation of you to others. The relation of you to primal nature. The relation of you to planet Earth. The relation of you to Universe.
3.Is there a God? Describe her.
4.What is a Philosophy of Life? What is your Philosophy of Life?
5.What is the difference between the Philosophic Method of Inquiry and the Scientific Method of Inquiry?
6.Why is the Universe orderly?
7.What is intelligence? Why is intelligence?
8.Within the context of the Universe, what is the relation between your ego suck behaviors and cosmic intelligence?
9.Can you make your cosmic connection? How? Prove it.
10.What would you like to be doing with your brain 10 years from now?

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