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Lesson 10: Sleep and Dream Analysis

When you combine two matrices of old thought into a new thought, some thought residue is left over. It must be junked―out. It is junked-out during sleep; via dreaming. If brain is clear--if the reticular activating system is clear--sleep purification will be rapid, dream junk―out will be short and subsequent rest will be total. But if brain (RAS) is neurotic, sleep purification will be slow, dream junk―out will long and stuck at the asymptote and thought constipation will increase daily stress and yearly aging until premature death,

The automatic homeostatic computer of brain tells you which neurotic memories it wants to shit out. The telling is via dreams. Dreams are always warped tellings because by this time of Life you have been lying to your Self for so many years that your Self no longer trusts its Self to say a child fear or guilt in straight words and images. Thus, the understood thoughts and images in the dream are warped through the prism of your fear about your fear and your guilt about your guilt. They are asymptotic truth.

Your job is to learn how to de-warp a dream so that it says its thought and image simply and clearly. Your job starts with keeping a “Dream Chapter” in your “Freedom Journal.” Write each one down either as you finish dreaming, or the next morning.

1.If you have a friend, bounce your dream reports off him/her as mirror. He/she will ask the razor question: “What is the signifi­cance of that? What do you mean by that? What do you really mean by that? What are you really trying to say to your Self?”
2.Turn off your conscious ego and step into the dream report and re­state it from the viewpoint of your unconscious Self, a~ you intuit­ively feel this iceberg part of you wants to speak cut. Trust your intuits. Speak out your intuits, simply and clearly.
3.Why does your SubThreshold/UnConscious brain refuse to talk simply and, clearly to your conscious brain?
4.Can you intuitively measure how much of the STUC iceberg is under­neath your conscious awareness? Can you intuitively measure what percentage of your dreams are warped by what percentage of neurosis rotting your genetic growth toward true rea1ity?
5.Why do you lie?
6.By what specific method can you be 100% honest to your Self in your dreams?
7.Which specific fears and guilts are forming the prism in your reticular activating system to warp your dreams away from honest self-healing and from voluptuous reality?
8.What extra benefits for sleep/dream therapy do you get from primal nature? Why?
9.What extra benefits for sleep/dream therapy do you Intuit that you get from cosmic consciousness in primal nature?
10.What is sleeping/dreaming like once you grow up, transcend ego, mature and live the Good Life?


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