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Lesson 11: Morning Pre―Conscious

Morning pre-conscious is the moment of waking when you know that you are not yet awake, but you also know that you no longer are asleep. It is the hypnagogic state of consciousness. It is the pre―conscious state of awareness. The pre―conscious state is the thin slice of awareness between the sleep below and the wakefulness above. Like a baloney sandwich in the neural meat.

At the subtle balance point of the pre―conscious, the ego is still asleep. Now, the most astonishing behavior in all neurotic existence occurs: In the morning pre―conscious state, you cannot lie to your Self.

By asking your Self a question the night before--a ruthlessly hon­est question in binary Yes/No form--you will tell your Self the 100% true answer during morning pre-conscious.

Since each neurotic/unhappy/unfulfilled individual has no more than a half―dozen prime unconscious memories or lies blocking automatic genetic self-circuiting into whole brain power, you have but to intuit the right questions to ask your Self to complete your self―therapy in six days. Waaall, mebbeso 7.

But if you can’t ask the right questions, it may take a bit longer. Like, say, a year or two, But no more than That. Neurosis is finite. There are only a relatively few questions you fear to face. Genetic neurology ~ designed for infinity. So now you can use the morning pre―conscious to ask the question:

“What question do I fear to ask my Self?”

It will come, when the proper sequencing of tertiary and secondary questions are first asked and answered―-- to prove to the Self that you now, for the second time in your Life, trust your Self. Once total child trust of your brain evolves, all shit will be shat. Quickly, Efficiently. Neural healing will be done. Energy will dominate entro­py. From then on, the morning pre-conscious will be used for primary creative productions for genius invention and artistic ecetacy aimed at helping others achieve your state of neural transcendence. Morning pre­conscious then becomes moral power creativity. Telepathy begins.

Once self--therapized, your morning pre-conscious will give you a com­prehensive review of that day’s entropy/energy reality so you can choose your point of contact for most efficient and joyous work. Your morning pre―conscious will give you the precisely right insight into a current problem so you can create a totally true power solution. Daily neural power accounting in the morning pre-conscious accurately balances your understanding of all entropies and energies confronting you that day.

Once you learn how to lock into your morning pre-conscious, from 5 seconds to 5 hours, you can write entire essays and books in the hypnagogic state, The flow of thought is effortless. The wisdom is beyond your learned knowledge. The word power is beyond Earth vocabulary. Multiple track computations begin. Child at―one―ment with cosmic consciousness flows through the day in squeeling, gleeburble work until evening yawns say, “HurryupHurrryyupp~ Let’s sleep so we can see what new surprises tomorrow’s warmgooey brain will give us in pre-conZZ”

1.Describe your experience with morning pre-conscious.

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