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Lesson 12: Daily Sensitivity Measurement

Your sensitivity to your daily flow in and out of cosmic conscious­ness can be measured with subjective precision. From this measurement you can observe your unique individual pattern of emotional mood and intellectual production moving up and down on graph paper. From this graph pattern you can predict future moods and productions. From such diagnosis and prediction of future behavior you can prescribe for your Self intellectual behaviors and emotional attitudes which perfectly adjust your Life to that predicted day, You now control the insults committed against your brain by environment. You now control the ecstasies given to your brain by environment.

Start with the scale of 0 to +10 and 0 -to ―10. Let us agree on three base points: 0 = computer collapse; energy forcefield collapse; blaugh. +10 = nirvana, ―10 = suicide. You fill in the remaining gradients of thought/feeling, Use words and phrases relevant to your Life, You will change -these words and phrases over -the years as your sensitivity to Daily Sensitivity Measurement gets more sensitive; as you grow up. Eventually, you will be in perpetual flow and no longer in need of such measurement, prediction and control. But for now, what does it feel like when you feel +5? When you feel +4? When you feel +1? +2? +6? ―1? ―2? ―6? Finish. Example:

+10 Nirvana
+9 (Cosmic Intelligence; Efficient Cosmic Contact)
+8 (Earthling Intelligence Efficiency)
+7 (Power Intelligence; Raw Cosmic Contact)
+6 (Whee Creative)
+5 (Flow Creative)
+4 (Out of the Flow)
+3 (Grinding Work)
+2 (Barely Able to Work)
+1 (Lazy but Happy)
+0 Computer Collapse; Energy Forcefield Collapse; Blaugh
-l (Dull)
-2 (Bored)
-3 (Anxiety)
-4 (Stress)
-5 (Depression)
-9 (Hopeless)
-10 Suicide

The +10/0/―10 scale is the ordinate axis on your graph. The abscis­sa axis is marked off in days or parts of days. Jot down your sensiti­vity number each day in your “Freedom Journal.” Plot your curve. Be astonished at the visual measurement--and belief--of your flow pat­tern, Over the months and years, identify your standardized patterns and plan comprehensive anticipatory action to deal with future being.

1.Why does the Daily Sensitivity Measurement work as a valid scientif­ic instrument?
2.What elements, components and sub-systems in your brain does your Daily Sensitivity Measurement quantify?
3.What other valid subjective measurements can you measure profitably?
4.How does this measurement measure your daily entropy/energy balance?

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