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Lesson 13: Daily Power Measurement

Measurement of your daily sensitivity is a holy growth into cosmic consciousness, But we live in the American/Earth jungle of killer apes the most self―murderous species in all Life evolution, Thus, to survive into transcendence, you must learn to fight off those who aim to kill you by the sins of omission as well as by the sins of commiss­ion, Paradox: To be holy, you must out―fight the fighters. To be holy without self―defense is romantic foolishness; injury; spiritual death; physical death. To be only a fighter survivor is neurological suicide. For the brain does not self-circuit forward in the pure, old rootstem killer ape. You must balance both. Indeed, paradox. The 1984 reality.

It is to your advantage to invent a comprehensive matrix of self― sensing, self-measuring and self-predicting instruments, If your matrix is comprehensive and accurate, you will function with 100% efficiency every day of the year; every year of your Life. By so doing, it is highly probable that you can expand your “normal” Lifespan; perhaps even double it. The key to death is stress. The key to longevity is stress― less consciousness flow of efficient brain computations. Until you so learn 100% perfect flow――― via brain self―control――― you will have enor­mous fun creating your matrix of Daily Power Measurement instruments.

Energy applied is force. Force applied is power. Power applied is work, The prime work of Life is to survive arid transcend. The prime work of Life is in your brain. Daily Power Measurement helps you to eliminate -the stress of that work and to increase the flow fun of that work, Some of the instruments of Daily Power Measurement you might want to master are:

SLEEP: On a scale of ―l -to ―10 you can estimate the depth of your previous night’s sleep. ―1 is shallow; ―5 is broken pisspumper; ―10 is total unconsciousness. Correlate hours of sleep and dream con. tent to measure quantity of junk―out computation work ongoing.

ORGASM: Once you have matured to standardized multiple orgasm, this pro­cess of excretion of thought residues is a direct measurement of the quantity and quality of thought production ongoing at the SubThreshold/UnConscious level of brain computation. The more orgasm, the more STUC thought being computed. The less orgasm, the less STUC thought being computed, Special Cases Pure power drive causes zero orgasm.
DEFENSE: Like Daily Sensitivity Measurement, you can take a Daily Defen­se Measurement, This is your index of how efficiently, or in­efficiently, you can defend your Self against enemies that day. If measurement is low, do not plan combat with cops, lawyers, judges or bureaucrats. If measurement is high, plan extending ‘the radius of your defense perimeter a few parameter jumps.

ATTACK: Daily Attack Measurement same as Daily Defense Measurement.

PHYSICAL: Measurement of your body status. Work or no work?

INTELLECTUAL: Intellectual thought―production status. Genius or slob?

EMOTIONAL: Emotional feeling-production status. Soar or stay in bed?
SPIRITUAL: Measurement of your cosmic connection; either in or out.

DECISION―MAKING CENTER: Is it functioning 0 or ―10 or +10?

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