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Lesson 14: Forward Self-Circuiting

The consciousness revolution is between your ears. You are the revolution. You are the raw force which shall transcend planet Earth from killer ape to Homo Novus. All you need do is make the binary Yes/No decisions “Do I truly want to outgrow my old rootstem ego suck needs?” From that, brain clicks, “Go!” The future is all in your dor­mant neurons. It’s all in your genetic code. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting, All you have to do is learn how to self―circuit forward into your passive frontal lobes.

The way to do it is by not doing it.

Forward self―circuiting is automatic, It does itself by itself--once you have cleared an estimated 51% of your inhibitors. The trigger triggers itself. All you have to do is keep shoveling the shit out of your memory library. Cosmic consciousness is flowing cosmic intelli­gence into your brain continuously to monitor how you’re doing in your self-discovery of how to read your own DNA/genetic code. When the 51% point approaches, the pre-zapps will begin. Eventually, the big zapp. So relax, When cosmic rape is inevitable, lay back and enjoy it.

1.What difference does it make to you that your jawed vertebrate ancestor fish, Crossopterygia, existed 390 million years ago? That your carnivorous mammalian tree shrew ancestor, Tupia, existed 200 million years ago? That your half ape/man ancestor, Proconsul, existed 25 million years ago? That your man ancestor, Australopithecus, exist­ed 2 million years ago? That your uncle Cro―Magnon started breeding Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid chillun 40,000 years ago? That by 30,000 years ago the entire planet was dominated by Homo Sapiens? That by 10,000 years ago agriculture started?
2.700,000 years ago planet Earth passed through the tail of a massive comet, as verified by tektites in ocean cores. 700,000 years ago the frontal lobes of Wo/Man bulged out. Why?
3.What is your value system and knowledge system relating your brain to cosmos?
4.What is your value system and knowledge system relating DNA to cosmic intelligence? Relating DNA to brain dormancy release? Relating DNA to brain self―control? Relating DNA to frontal lobes self― circuiting? Why? Prove it,
5.Why is frontal lobes self―circuiting automatic.
6.Who monitors -the cosmic intelligence monitoring your emerging intelligence?
7.By what criterion--by what instrument――can you measure and evaluate the validity of advanced problem-solving intelligence emerging from dormant brain tissue? Telepathy emerging?
8.Inventory your daily advance of problem―solving intelligence which is your direct measurement to verify progressive self―circuiting into formerly passive neurons. And telepathy?
9.Does it feel fun? Why?
10.Why should this method of forward self―circuiting work so simply within the conceptualization and experimental verification of entropy/energy physics?

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