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Lesson 15: Methodology; Scientific Method of Inquiry

Science is the measurement of a relationship between two or more elements within the logical components which make up each orderly system within the Universe.

To inquire into:

is the ultimate joy.

To inquire in-to the knowledge which explains Life in Universe is the one satisfaction which never sates. But to “know” a knowledge is to know it as a fact or as a value, A fact can be proven objectively, scientifically. A value can be agreed upon, subjectively, philosophi­cally--but not proven scientifically. You can prove scientifically that the sun sets at a certain time and with a certain temperature. You cannot prove scientifically that it is a beautiful sunset. Only the Philosophical Method of Inquiry can agree on the probability of that.

Scientific Method of Inquiry is objective precision. Two or more individuals can repeat the same experiment and get the same results. That is what establishes a “fact.” That is what establishes “belief” in the fact. That is what accelerates interpersonal trust, communication and shared evolutions love. Belief systems are frozen at the asymptote if they cannot verify their assumptions into facts. Thus have religi­ous brains throughout history never demonstrated the goals stated and demonstrated by our neural cybernetic program.

Scientific method of Inquiry is based upon “0, IM QER CoP”:

Observation of the natural phenomenon focused by your hypothesis;
Instrumentation designed to measure the random data of the phenomenon;
Measurement of data with precision;
Quantification in simple numbers which are understandable, believable;
Experimentation to test―one/delete―one variable related to a constant;
Replication of an experiment to verify objectivity;
COntrol of constants/variables so no phony faking of data occurs;
Prediction of future events so that Life can accelerate evolution.

That’s all there is to it. That’s the tool. Neatsie peachy keen! All you need is to still have your child Curiosity/Imagination/P1ayfulness. If you do, you can use the tool in routine genius work to get your Nobel Prize. And if you still have your child Sensitivity/ Wonder/ Awe/ Spontaneity/ Enthusiasm, then your cosmic teacher(s) will join in and accelerate the genius process.

1.How can you use the Scientific Method of Inquiry to discover new brain powers? Faster?
2.What is the function of an assumption in Scientific Method of Inquiry?
3.What is a theory? What is a hypothesis? How do they work in SNI?
4.How do you do Invention of Invention? Why?
5.What can the Scientific Method of Inquiry applied to brain teach you about entropy/energy physics?

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