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Chapter 1, Electrical Properties of Nerves

There is a shit-storm of “How To Be Happy” gurus, books and courses now hitting the white, affluent market of fat America. All are based on faith that the Leader understands Life and that “mind” somehow can be massaged into giving up its goodies. None are based on brain. Few dare verify their “success results” via objective Scientific Method of Inquiry.

Each of the remaining 12 Lessons will correspond with each of the 12 chapters in the standard text, THE MACHINERY OF BRAIN, by Dean E. Wooldridge, published by McGraw―Hill Book Company (Editor's Note: This book is readily available at used bookstores or at www.amazon.com .)You are expected to read, understand and give a 1, 2 and 3 sentence synopsis of each chapt­er. The question apparatus will extrapolate from your understanding. Design your own questions to demonstrate your mature growth into reali­ty via curiosity, imagination and playfulness.

Each brain, each neuron is a binary On/Off switch. But On/Off of WHP~T?! Neither Wooldridge nor the present day neurologists will says “Consciousness!”

Consciousness is the genius frontier. But only for the scientifi­cally disciplined researcher--not for the mumbo-jumbo talkers of vague mystical words. Read every sentence of Wooldridge. He has the basic scientific facts. But remember: He is at the asymptote of never having experienced natural consciousness expansion. You are being invit­ed over the asymptote. For not only are you learning the known scien­tific facts of your own brain, you are experimenting scientifically to discover new facts of human brain. And the only reason your experiments will work for the remainder of your Life is because you have a solid foundation of assumptions as to what consciousness, brain, Life and Universe probably are in their inter-relationships. From these unconfused assumptions, your 0 IM QER CoP proceeds blithely.

Now have fun with the facts extrapolated into experiments. But like a cross―eyed child trickster, keep one eye on the words and one eye on the Universe. Thus will your automatic genetic power of invention “discover” the next thought which gives the next ahh-HAH! insight into the next experiment which releases the next new power up the evolutionary spiral which telepathically connects your ‘brain with cosmos.

1.What is the relationship between electricity and consciousness?
2.Recite the drill of an impulse moving through a neuron.
3.What simple behavioral experiment can you design to emphasize to your Self the Yes/No, On/Off, Go/NoGo binary nature of human decision―making?
4.How can you pragmatically use the fact of On/Off neurons/brain to decrease your brain-body dysfunction? To increase happiness?
Why does a neuron “think”?
5.Do neurons exist in other ‘brains on other planets in other galaxies?
6.Advanced physics, The building block of the Universe is the quark. Each proton contains precisely three quarks. Are quarks electricity?

Are quarks consciousness?

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