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Lesson 17: MOB chapter 2, Schematic Diagram of the Nervous System

You have a spinal cord. Some superior intelligence, instructed the intelligence in your mother’s half-gened egg and father's half-gened sperm to create you with the proper connections between your spinal cord and your body. Magic. Pure magic. Integrated body function. Now discover how you can use this gift of body harmony to experience greater joy by using it fully for voluptuous flow with primal nature.

You may not have noticed, but you also have a knob at the end of your spinal cord. Some superior intelligence decided you were worth the chance not only to receive a brain, but to receive one of the ad­vanced models, This new model off the cosmic factory production line has something called creative curiosity and the drive to want more self― willed evolution. It may be a flop on the dumb animal market, but you are stuck with it. Do the best you can with God’s sales gimmick.

Your brain is the most generalized in the animal kingdom. Your brain is the only one which was given powers prior to evolutionary need. All other animals evolve specialized neural characteristics to deal with particular environmental pressures only at the time those press­ures appear. The Wo/Nan animal was given the frontal lobes 700,000 years ago. Passive, until now. Why?

1.What is genetics? Why is genetics?
2.What is innate, wired-in behavior? Why?
3.What is learned behavior? How?
4.How do they interact and modify each other?
5.Give examples of wire-in and learned behaviors in your own Life. In others, Can they be changed? Self―controlled? How bout dat ol rootbeer stem killer ape behavior of the retardapes?
6.How can you use with greater efficiency your genetically innate, wired-in behaviors to control and improve your learned behaviors so as to compute more of the emotion called happppeeeeeenesss?
7.(18) Why is nature’s cabling arrangement an orderly one?
8.(19) If “white matter contains only axons,” how dare anyone claim vast thought dormancy for the main bulk of meat under the cortex?
9.20) “Regenerative capability,” Healing. Itemize human examples.
10.Discuss: Entropy un-generates matter; energy generates matter. Guess a few human self-healing regenerative capabilities which still may be dormant but near threshold in you. So what?
11.What is the difference between a reasonable hypothesis of brain behavior and an unreasonable hypothesis?
12.(22) “Chemical concentration gradients” during fetal neural forma­tion. Discuss: Effect of mother ingesting various poisons, includ­ing consciousness, What method could create a supersaturated environ­ment of nutrients to cause what effect on child? What is the proper sequencing of amino acids in brain formation? Itemize amino acids.
13.Page 25,top paragraph. True?
14.(35) What is the relationship between genes, chromosomes, DNA, RNA?

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