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Lesson 18: MOB Chapter 3, Peripheral Data Processing

Fortunately, our cosmic boss understands we children are still too dumb to compute all relevant survival data in the central think meat. When too much data comes in it causes sensory overload, fuse blowing, computer collapse, temper tantrum, survival sulking and bed pee pee. Like, after a day in the city1 So smart boss gives us a secretary to do the secondary nuisance work: peripheral data processing in the outer office. These binary Yes/No decisions are made just below threshold of conscious awareness. They do the housekeeping for inner office awareness.

As soon as you signal cosmic intelligence that you can handle your given environment of sensory bombardment with routine organization for pro―Life growth, your genetic code will open your brain to the next order of sensory stimuli perception and communication. So it is to your advantage to complete your evolution at this low order. Open offices.

1. (37) Inventory the sensory data which your brain-body collects each day at periphery and which gives you―-at SubThreshold/UnConscious―-understanding--a continuous accounting of the status of the outside and inside environment relevant to your happiness.
2.How much of your Life―happiness data is gathered at above-threshold consciousness and how much at below―threshold awareness?
3.How can you use this given gift system of~ peripheral data processing to increase your happiness dramatically? Define happiness.
4. At what threshold does each of your sensors click a datum from un­conscious to pre―conscious to conscious attention? How were these thresholds fixed by cultural determinism? By parental conditioning? By free-will self-choice? How can you change a threshold to improve its cost/time/efficiency benefit? Give a current growth change.
5.(37) “The goal of this entire book may properly be defined as the achievement and understanding of how these data processing activities of the brain are carried out.” State the goal of this Brain Self―Control syllabus based upon and extrapolated from this statement.
6.(37) Describe the syndrome of sensory overload. (Deprivation). In­ventory the sources and effects of irrelevant information which was forced into your brain computer from infancy on and the resulting click― closed of significant survival, matrices within your basic personality structure because of sensory overload (or deprivation). Can you bear the thought of your own failure of will to survive a-b maximum joy and meaning growth? Can you design a systematic -therapy to re―open these closed potentials―circuits for experiencing more truth/beauty/goodness?
7.Do you experience automatic physiologic reactions triggered by sensory overload? By sensory deprivation?
8.(38) “Servo mechanism.” “Servo control circuit.” Define, Give examples in the human environment,
9.(53) “Intelligence,” Define. From multiple points of Lifeview, Discuss: “Not all the ‘intelligence’ of the nervous system resides in the brain. Not all -the ‘intelligence’ of the brain is computed in the grey matter of the cortex.”
10.Discuss your theory and hypothesis of how cosmic intelligence is trying to break through your ego barrier at peripheral data process­ing to give you the gift of direct awareness processing.

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