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Lesson 19: MOB Chapter 4, Automatic Control Circuits

Your Reticular Activating System is the supreme part of your brain in direct contact with cosmic intelligence. Your Reticular Activating System determines whether or not you will survive in the American jun­gle; whether or not you will transcend into cosmic communication; whether or not you will help create The Great Learning Society.

Your Reticular Activating System is the evolutionary control loop. It determines whether you retrogress into your old roots-tern killer ape behaviors or progress into your frontal lobes cosmic behaviors.

Your Reticular Activating System is an automatic genetic reflex of natural selection, modified by cultural conditioning up to the age of self―determination. At the age of self―determination the RAS can be modified by self-control. The “control” is your understanding of the subtle binary alternatives automatically offered at each moment of data input so -that you can choose to flow with the alternatives――backward to old rootstem or forward to frontal lobes――whichever best enhances your survival or transcendence need at that moment.

Eventually, such shunting backward or forward becomes an automatic reflex action. Eventually, you shunt each stimulus backward or forward into appropriate computation of competitive consciousness or coopera­tive consciousness as a peripheral data processing behavior; as a learned behavior for continuous survival and transcendence. Automatic.

1.How much of your growth/evolution up to now has been automatic and how much self―willed? Why?
2.(55)Describe a reflex action as a non self―controlled circuit. As a self-controlled circuit. By what Programmed Instruction (P1) are you going to harmonize your Lifestyle with the automatic function of your Reticular Activating System?
3.Describe the Reticular Activating System as the Decision-Making Center; as the Value-Judging Center.
4.Inventory a list of daily time/energy consuming social behaviors which you stop to think about each time, but which you now are going to re-train into automatic―shunt Reticular Activating System.
5.Design the ideal reflex economy to yield minimum stress and maximum happiness in your daily fixed action patterns within your given en­vironment. Design the teaching curriculum to yield superchild.
6.(56) Discuss: Configurations of neurons produce periodic output signals which inform the next higher order of intelligences that you are approaching their level and that you should be contacted via seemingly “coincidental” cosmic hits to inspire you to continue your evolution work, Do you believe you are radiating oscillations of energy outward to others? How can you increase the oscillations to increase the “coincidental” cosmic gooses?
7.(65) Discuss: The Reticular Activating System is a servo―mechanism for magnetically in-gathering mutants so as to integrate them auto­matically into progressively higher orders of families, communities and civilizations.
8.What external dangerous people threaten to kill within you this chance of mutating in-to cosmic love? What cha gunna do bout tit?

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