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Lesson 2: Backward Self-Therapy

Brain is an automatic homeostatic computer. Brain automatically computes thought to re-establish stasis, balance, after each unbalancing confrontation with environment. Stasis is the balance ~ between forces of entropy and forces of energy in the environment. Unbalanced homeostasis is caused by the dominant force in the environ­ment: entropy. Learning is the automatic genetic behavior which balan­ces entropy with energy so as to allow anti-entropy energy to be tempor­arily dominant and to evolve the growing orders of Life. By learning how to re-balance your entropy/energy dynamic, you learn how to self― heal. By learning how to self―heal, you learn how to grow.

The cosmic intelligence within the genetic code tests each individu­al to determine if she/he can discover this gift of automatic learning; can discover this gift of self―healing; this flow. There is but one key to the process; but one key to unlock backward neurosis; but one key to unlock frontal lobes: thought. Thou Ought. Your daily thought will tell you each question to ask in proper sequence. Each question will probe a child memory unhappily (unbalanced stasis) held at SubThreshold/UnConscious--STUC in your memory library. Each question automatically will motivate you to write a ruthlessly honest essay ex­ploring that memory and its consequences; exploring the entropy/energy dynamic of that memory.

Each individual is blocked by no more than a half-dozen STUC memor­ies, each with its roots entangling and strangling your genetic flow into cosmic intelligence and happiness. Essaying shits the mess, Und­erstanding is therapy. Start your “Freedom Journal” to document your soul history out of slavery and up to Universe.

1.Why does self-therapy work? Prove it.
2.Write your essays on the three cosmic questions: Who am I? What is Life?
3.Where am I going? Which lies do you hang onto at the asymptote of child fear? What next ruthlessly honest questions should you essay?

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