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Lesson 20: MOB Chapter 5, Permanently Wired-In Behavior

Nature builds Life with the same neuronal building blocks through the animal kingdom. All neurons compute consciousness toward the ultimate goal of intelligence. Intelligence performs natural selection――― sur­vival of the fittest―-― within a species by passively observing which individuals are the first to learn and exploit a dormant advanced con­sciousness―computing characteristic innate in the neural net of that species. The advanced individual is the one who first learns to use to maximum efficiency her/his innate reflexes, tropisms and genetically stored programs as mere elements so a~ to evolve from them new compon­ents and sub-systems of behavior which accelerate his/her whole brain-body system toward the ultimate goal of cosmic intelligence. Any self― growth program which does not pursue this gift of genetic neural intell­igence is fantastically naive. Or worse, murderous.

1.Inventory your reflexes and tropisms built into your basic personal­ity structure by cultural conditioning. By genetic dictum, Which are good and which not? How changed?
2.What is an instinct? What instincts, reflexes and tropisms do you experience in primal nature as compared to city? What consequence?
3.Do all humans feel the same sensitivity toward primal nature? What consequence to natural selection?
4.(75) Inventory and analyze your avoidance reactions against various people and events, Attraction reactions. How shall you change?
5.(79) Inventory and analyze your stored programs, Which are geneti­cally imprinted the individual? How do these relate to “intelligence”?
6.What genetic/cultural behavioral sub-routines of stored programs can you develop to increase your intelligence?
7.(82) Write a case study of how one of your behavioral patterns was specifically and in detail built up from your birth. Interview your parents, sibs, grandparents, others with tape recorder and script to start your personal behavioral history library; your Soul History. How does this behavior influence your need for soulmating? For community? For cosmic connection?
8.(83) What signals from others trigger you into automatic positive or negative reaction? What signals do you unconsciously radiate through body language, voice tone, word selection or eye contact -to cause others automatically to react positively toward or negatively against you? Which will you change? How? Discuss signals others in this group give.
9.(91) How does mutation occur? By what standard of excellence do you judge a mutation to be either good or bad? By what motivation do you choose to evolve into a blatant species mutation? How shall you breed?
10.(92) Since a new strain of evolutionary mutation starts out as a tiny minority element (cult) within the gross population of the same species system which will take each other’s sperm and ova, do you think the “Consciousness Revolution” will mutate and dominate the American Power Structure, or will the fakies be re―absorbed by conformity to war?
11.Is permanently wired-in behavior evolving Life forms on. other planets?
12.Can permanently wired-in behavior be dissolved by consciousness?

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