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Lesson 21: MOB 6, Electrical Nature of Conscious Mental Processes

OhhKAYYYY. Here’s where we split our up-trail of advanced conscious­ness physics from the down―trail of retarded electricity neurology. Merely remember that the research on consciousness hadn’t been done ‘back in the dark ages when Wolly wrote this pioneer wry wrinkle in evol­utionary time, Recent research has determined that brain wave electro―encephalography measures nothing relevant to consciousness and thought production. Only the consciousness meter can do that.

Electricity merely maintains the pipes through which flows the nutrient water and toilet flushings: consciousness, Electricity merely is the maintenance janitor. Do you ask the janitor at the astro-neuro­physics observatory to verify cosmic contact?

Like the blind men feeling the elephant, authoritative neurologists are just beginning to “see” the “psychic” behaviors reported by epilep­tics and schizophrenics. Does culture frustrate, ruin and warehouse cosmic mutants?

This is -the frontier. From here on in expect no expert guidance from the American Power―Science structure motivated by competitive con­sciousness. It anything, it will destroy your innate capacity to tran­scend into whole brain power. Soh, you are pioneer. But not alone, Your friends--soulmates--are exploring with you across the line of the known. The unknown. Joy of discovery, Expanding reality. Awe.

1.Give a 5 minute comprehensive lecture on wave theory related to brain waves.
2.What is the daily relation between subjectively measured sensitivity and objectively measured brain waves?
3.What is the relation between brain waves and DNA molecule oscillations? Between brain waves and planetary/galactic/Universe oscilla­tions? Between sperm, ovum and fetus oscillations?
4.Create a unified field theory to account for all energy forms beyond that of Einstein’s E = mc2, Describe an experiment to test your theory.
5.Invent a humane alternative to insulting integrity by pushing electrodes into a human brain to measure scientific data.
6.Draw a schematic diagram of your brain creating a thought/emotion.
7.(103) Give examples of nature inefficiency.
8.(104) What is a timing pulse in wave behavior? How can you use a timing pulse to make more efficient your brain cyclotron?
9.(105) What is the relation of epilepsy to advanced problem-solving intelligence? To creativity? To cosmic consciousness? to ecstasy?
10.How can epilepsy be cured by neural cybernetics?
11. (107) What huge, slow, rolling waves of voltage have you experienc­ed without going beyond into epileptic seizure? Why? How can you cause it to happen again? What relation to neural evolution?
12. How does environmental entropy affect the electrical nature of conscious mental processes? Affect cosmic consciousness in―flow to the amygdala? Affect survival and transcendence thought―production?

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