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Lesson 22: MOB Chapter 7, Control Centers of Emotion and Consciousness

Anthropology, genetics, neurology and astrocosmology have passed critical mass of data, The self-sustaining chain reaction of Earthbrain has started. The accelerating half―Life of each new evolutionary discovery shortens the predictable time to the next discovery. The inter­mediary brainbombs of popping frontal lobes merely are the precursors of the final explosions whole brain power, for all.

Brain self―control is the trigger.

Merely learn to control in-coming consciousness. Merely learn to control your amygdala's clicking consciousness backward into old rootstem competitive behavior or forward into frontal lobes cooperative behavior, as needed for defense or -transcendence. Everything in ongoing academic research merely will verify and strengthen this conceptualization of your neural evolution. You merely are a half-Life, a half generation, ahead of the human species.

1.(114) What personal observations or experiences have convinced you of the existence of brain behaviors and cosmic realities beyond those conventionally taught and “allowed” in akademe?
2.(117) What is the function of the cortex? Why are no body processes vital to the housekeeping maintenance of your Life controlled by your cortex?
3.Modern Man, Homo Sapiens, has a 1500 cc skull. Neanderthal had 1900 cc. Why? Extrapolate into Homo Novus.
4.(119) What are your control centers? (124) What test of reasonable­ness can you design and perform to convince your Self that you canchange the electric current flow going through a control center from automatic to self―willed flow? Describe an experience when a~ electric impulse went into a control center automatically, but which you, by self-will, stopped in mid―sensation and caused to back out, thus for­bidding the terminal behavior/feeling. How can you increase such behaviors and cause them, in turn, to become automatic? Why?
5.(120) Can the dignity of brain tissue be invaded with malpractice insult by professions other than the brain surgeon?
6.(120) Discuss brain redundancy. Why has it been built into you? H,w? How do you not use such to maximum self-benefit? How can you?
7.(127) Discuss the semantics of re―naming the “pleasure” center the “greed” or “defense” or “growth” center, (129) Re―naming the “puni­shment” center the “fear” or “fear of knowledge” or “fear of growth” or “retrogression” center. How are these centers manipulated by culture? How do these centers control competitive consciousness and cooperative consciousness? Where is your sex/orgasm center?
8.(135) Read the first complete paragraph aloud several times, What does it suggest to you? What if the deep waves did not go quite to the extreme positive and extreme negative values? What would we call such a deep-wave experience within the limits of sensory overload?
9.(136) Amygdala, 0 wow, Research it yourself.
10.(137) Describe the God―butto~~ the control center for consciousness.
11.How can you use it for greater benefit? What is the relationship between this and brain dormancy release? Evolution?

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