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Lesson 23: MOB Chapter 8, The Frontal Lobes

Whelll, here we are, finally. And wotta let―down! Nothing joosie, but that’s the state of the art. Neurologists simply do not know why dem frontal lobbies be. So relax and flow through the limited data and even more limited conceptualization presented herein,

The point is this2 In order to “demonstrate” scientifically the fun­ction of the frontal lobes, a known behavior must ‘be observed, the frontal lobes cut, then that behavior observed as absent. These are ablation experiments. But what if the “known.” behavior has not yet happened in the human species? Or has happened and has been labled “insanity” ‘by the Authorities? What if the human species was given its frontal lobes 700,000 years ago in anticipation of its final cosmic maturation? What if the function of the frontal lobes is to ‘behave via direct communication with advanced (or inferior’ intelligences on other planets? What if an uneducated, democratically ignorant person accidentally makes such frontal lobes contact and reports “hearing voices”? Lock―up, that’s what. Labels, that’s what. “Schizophrenia.” “Manic Depressive Psychosis.” Then psychosurgery. Frontal lobotomy. Neural rape. Brain murder, America the Beautiful.

So watch out, Pioneer.

1.(145) What fraction of the whole cortex is commandeered by the dor­mant frontal lobes? What about the tissue underneath the bark?
2. (145) In terms of human potential, discuss, “In evolutionary devel­opment,.. nowhere has more growth occurred than in these frontal lobes.” What can you do to get beyond this cosmic-damm forever talk― talk―talk―talk of visionary castrates and into the most powerful action in history: Designing and creating a comprehensive brain-based school to start circuiting infants into this gift of Life? Describe,
3.(147) “There is no evidence that the frontal lobes are directly in­volved in any of the physical processes of the body.” Discuss this in relation to the gross process of war and planet suicide.
4.(147) Define intelligence. What do intelligence tests test?
5.(151) Disconnection of frontal lobes from the remainder of the brain “only” lessens motivation. Discuss this in relation to the automat­ic genetic and self―willed motivation to evolve into whole brain power.
6.Can frontal lobes be “cauterized” and “ablated” without touching the skull? What can you do to stop the education system which may be murdering defenseless children away from ever experiencing whole brain ecstasy? Do you want to? Really?
7.If the energy/force/power of frontal lobes is, in fact, mass releas­able, discuss the comprehensive arithmetic of this consequence upon society.
8.(153) What is the relation of speech/language/ideas to evolution?
9.(158) The left hemisphere controls speech. The left hemisphere com­putes analytic thought. The right hemisphere computes artistic thought. Discuss. What consequence to left-brain/right..brain education?
10.Discuss the relationship of speech to writing to survival to tran­scendence, What are you going to do about it to fulfill your Life?

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