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Lesson 24: MOB Chapter 9, Memory

Nobody knows how a thought is memorized in a brain, Some say it is a function of the synapse and RNA, with a thought being memorized holistically throughout-the entire brain. Don’t worry about the first prin­ciple cause or understanding of memory. Merely use the phenomenon to your best advantage in growth, survival and transcendence.

1.What percentage of your awake day is spent in reviewing and arguing past memories at the asymptote of childhood? Can you conceive of atime when you shall not continuously waste such precious time/energy/― work/production (TEW~Ton your Life computer backward? How do you get to this state of personally fulfilled ego; of ego transcendence; of ascended mastery of Life? What will the affect of free, soaring ‘brain consciousness be on thought-production? What new kinds of thought?
2.Inventory your memories which recur, repeatedly seeking to be evacu­ated as “brain shit,” but never closing the asymptote to blessed for― getfullness. How much time/energy/work/production do you waste on this perpetual, inefficient self―therapy? Describe what happens to the brain. at middle―age when the will power for self―therapy dies but the need for therapy remains; but the brain shit remains,
3.How can you fix a desired datum into memory at total belief with minimum work? How can you un-fix and burn out an un-desired datum in memory to total forgetfulness?
4.(168) What program of memory un-fixing can you design and pursue toward the goal of self―circuiting into frontal lobes?
5.(169) How much of learning involves memory? What is your program of memorizing what data toward what ultimate goal of learning? What is the effect of emotion on memory & learning. Whatcha gunna do bout tit?
6. (181, Multiple Memory) Discuss in terms of designing your own compre­hensive “Science of Self―Experiencing.” How will you prevent this from rotting into perpetual ego narcissistic suck? What will happen to your genetic ~rain function if you do not so prevent?
7.Memory Library. Why is this a better symbol than memory “bank”? Within today’s knowledge explosion, by what guiding principle shall you choose data to be memorized in your central computer? To be filed in your external Perfect Organization Files? How can you guarantee perfect retrieval of a datum from internal and external library?
8. Since love is the supreme completion of Self within a trusted other, and since individuals are so highly complex/individualized in their needs for personal ego growth toward transcendence, and since individ­uals lie about their unconscious genetic motivations, “love” relation­ships break. Trust violated causes a pain second to no other, save death, But only for the ego-immature. Yet , it is a common behavior and dis―ease. Design a therapeutic program for diluting the strength of old memories after a broken love experience. Why does a dominant male define “love”――consciously or unconsciously――in terms of a female being subservient to his power drive for animal recognition and status? Why does a subservient female define “love” in terms of breeding? Discuss: The delayed-breeder female cannot outgrow her child memories of Daddy, therefore, submits to a dominant male who chooses not to reproduce the species in a baby; who chooses to die―out his evolution.
9.What is the relation of memory to cosmic intelligence? To entropy?

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