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Lesson 25: MOB Chapter 10, Automatic Learning

Learning is the automatic behavior by which the individual focuses attention to read her/his genetic code so as to flow with natural growth through environment into fulfilled brain-body evolution,

Learning is the automatic behavior by which the Lifeforce tests survival of the fittest animal.

Learning is the automatic behavior by which the Wo/Man animal achie­ ves harmonious dominance over the entire animal kingdom a pre-requisite to transcendence into cosmos.

Learning is the automatic behavior by which the mutant individual outgrows the biological and cultural limits of her/his species.

Learning is the automatic behavior in all human infants motivated by curiosity/imagination/playfulness (CIP) which, if kept alive to the age of self―determination, automatically evolves into genius.

1.Define classical conditioning and operant/instrumental conditioning.
2.(197) How does classical conditioning of human infants in the public schools warp and kill curiosity, imagination and playfulness? How does operant/instrumental conditioning do the same? What alternative?
3.Inventory your dominant behavioral sub―routines which were imprinted by classical conditioning; by operant/instrumental conditioning.
4.Which were good/bad for your happiness? What are you going to do?
5.(209) Itemize the various techniques for extinguishing an unwanted conditioned response in your basic personality structure or your basic character structure, Discuss how each works in neural cybernet­ic terms.
6.(210) Discuss your one―shot imprint values/attitudes/habits, Die― cuss your negative traumas; positive traumas. How can you use im­printing to accelerate learning? Traumas to accelerate learning?
7. (212) What is the limbic system? How is it involved in the emotiona1 process? How is the amygdala related to the limbic system? How is the limbic system related to the frontal lobes? How is the emotion of the limbic system related to the emotion of the frontal lobes? What is the relationship between consciousness and learning?
8.(213) What is habituation? How is it good/bad for your evolving Life? Give an example from your personal experience when some Auth­ority changed the rules, rationally or irrationally; when a former Good was suddenly called a Bad; when you were shocked into making a transi­tion from illusion to reality. Discuss such Program―Switching in terms of good and bad education, learning, survival and transcendence.
9.(215) What consistent and reproducible new patterns of learning behaviors have you discovered within your Self and mastered since first entering this course of study?
10.Why is learning automatic? In which kinds of humans? (216) What is the relationship of the decision―making center (reticular activat­ing system) to learning?
11.How is automatic learning related to cosmic intelligence? Entropy?

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