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Lesson 26: MOB Chapter 11, Higher Learning

When Wooldridge published this book, physicists were completely incapable of accounting for subjective consciousness by any combination of physical principles known in that day. Today, objective conscious­ness is accepted as a dramatically new 5th element in the Universe, along with space/time/energy/matter. Acronym: STEM―C,

We postulate that neural―valenced cosmic consciousness enters each brain to be shunted by the amygdala backward into the old rootstem, there to be transformed into competitive consciousness, or forward into the frontal lobes, there to be transformed into cooperative conscious­ness. With such conceptualization, we have created a tool for scien­tific brain self―control and a hypothesis for evolutionary self―control. Mutation is now measurable and predictable.

Higher learning is now understandable. Cosmic intelligence permeat­es the Universe. Random chance planets evolve Life at various rates. Each Lifeform has a brain. Brain integrates all Lifeforms via tele­pathic communication, The higher Lifeforms perform the egoless func­tion of teaching the lower Lifeforms, The teaching/learning occurs via zero―time consciousness, Mutants learn first, then teach others. This is the frontier of the Life Sciences.

1.What is your definition of consciousness related to teaching/learning
2.(219) Define the two opposing philosophic schools of thought,the Mechanist's versus the Vitalist's. Toward which do you trend?
3. What personal experience have you had with consciousness expansion which gives you the self-confidence to argue for or against the various “Authorities” in. the field of consciousness?
4.Discus~ Education of the emotions, of consciousness and of orgasm should be a routine part of the cuddly curriculum in the publics tax created schools.
5.(221) Design and master a method for efficient recall of stored data from higher learning. Discuss automatic recall of data via morning pre-conscious; in the non-neurotic, free-flowing, mature brain.
6.Primary creative process is the 10O~ -trust between your Self and the Lifeforce; between your brain and cosmic intelligence. Discuss how you can demonstrably increase primary creative production.
7. (221) What bullshit―sensing, wisdom―sensing and attention focusing mechanism can you invent to better survive the American jungle of dead―people entropy?
8.What is sleep? How can you use sleep in higher learning?
9.Age―looping is problem―solving and consciousness―flowing at success­ive child ages to enrich today’s experiencing of Life, How does
10.Age Looping increase the quantity and quality of your higher learning? How can daily/seasonal fun rituals increase your higher learning?
11.(225) Define creative thought in relation to higher learning. How has yours increased since you started this course? What is the relationship of everything in this book to creative thought? To love?
12.Describe how a thought is formed in brain tissue.

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