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Lesson 27: MOB Chapter 12, Computers and the Brain

There ain't no such thing as “mind” no more. It is an obsolete word which has outlived its usefulness―-- like “razing” a building by tear­ing it down; like “Danger! Inflammable Gasoline!!” The precision vocab­ulary of science now splits conceptualization into brain and conscious­ness. Brain is the pipes; consciousness is the stuff flowing through.

The crutching device of the computer will not become obsolete until we outgrow the need of a metaphor to encourage our understanding; until we grow up to simply accept brain as the routine cosmic communicator.

Words thus influence subtly how we relate to and accept personal neural evolution--- or how we fail to so relate and accept. By your acceptance of key neural words, you open the lock of the Universe.

1.What is your primary vocabulary of the 10 most important words which trigger automatic growth sequencing? The 100 most important?
2.Describe how a word has the power to shunt your brain energy backward or forward.
3.Describe how you now relate to and accept the word “brain” to mean your cosmic connection.
4. What experiments can you design to shock your Self into believing that your brain is vastly dormant and that you should get your head out of your asshole and that you should start developing this gift to full potential before you die into pathos?
5.Discuss The Big Computer in the Sky.
6.Discuss the fact that most brain computations are done unconsciously. Discuss the concept of unconscious computation in terms of sub― threshold electro―consciousness theory.
7.State your Unified Field Theory of Brain/Consciousness/Universe.
8. Give your sociologic/historic judgment of the Consciousness Revolu­tion from St. Timothy and LSD to Consciousness Physics. How will this help you to grow up? Do you want to grow up?
9.Is there a ready market for teachers of neural cybernetics? In five years?
10.Discuss: From consciousness physics is coming consciousness technol­ogy. Cheap gadgets will help each individual measure her/his current state of consciousness so as to self―therapize it to the trigg­er point where automatic genetic growth chain-reacts toward whole brain power.
11.What was the single, most valuable learning you got out of MOB?

Blessings and honor. You are done, Now begins the real beginning.

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