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Lesson 4: Thought

Your value and belief in your definition of consciousness will deter­mine whether or not you will allow your amygdala to click consciousness forward to produce advancing thought automatically.

Your definition of thought will determine whether or not you will allow your self-awareness to receive automatic teaching from higher intelligence; to receive automatic advanced problem―solving intelligen­ce from higher intelligences.

1.What is a thought?
2.How is a thought formed in your brain? (Don’t panic, Lover, Be as child. Play with the fun of making up your own intellectual analy­sis--- from your SubThreshold/UnConscious intuitions, which probably are closer to a Nobel Prize than you suspect. Later, you will learn the basic neurology and consciousness physics to verify your first blurt and to extrapolate it into a Unified Field Theory explaining, hypothesizing and experimentally demonstrating the release of all brains throughout Universe. Be funsie now, Genius later―― also fun.)
3.How does your current definition of thought determine your thought― production? How did your past definition of no―definition determine the asymptote of your thought/emotion production? Future definition?
4.How can you demonstrably increase advanced problem-solving thought-production?
5.Define imagination. Define creativity, Define creative process. What is the relationship between intellectual thought-production and creative thought―production?
6.How can you demonstrably increase creative thought―production? Why? What consequence to your Life if you do not?
7.What is the relationship between human breeding and thought-production?
8.What is the relationship between love and thought? Between love and creativity? How can you demonstrably increase the relationship?
9.Discuss the danger to progressive thought of leaving out the factors of love and creativity. Describe lazy suck thought. How long does the genetic code allow this? Why? Why is the measurement of lazy suck thought an accurate diagnosis of the entropy/energy physics in you?

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