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Lesson5: Value System

What you believe to be True/False, Right/Wrong, Good/Bad is your be­lief system--conscious or SubThreshold/UnConscious. Like a battery with 2 poles, (+) and (-) your polarity creates a forcefield which deter­mines how cosmic consciousness enters your brain; how your amygdala clicks it backward into old rootstem killer ape competitive conscious­ness or forward into frontal lobes pro―Life cooperative consciousness. But if you do not totally believe a fact of Life to be totally True or totally False, you are asymptotic. Like the uncertain jackass between the two hay piles, you will starve to cosmic death. You now will start to bring each binary value element up to threshold conscious analysis so you can discard the Wrong and strengthen the Right. Once your value system has been self―cleaned into at least a 51% belief system, your genetic code will re-start your child self―circuiting through old crippled neurons and into new dormant neurons.

1.Inventory your matrix of first priority values. Why do you know this is your matrix of neurosis? Of potential growth?
2.Identify each memory when a good pro―Life value was traumatized into a bad anti―Life value. What is your automatic neurological mechan­ism for such identification? What is your hard work behavioral mechanism to cure each identification? Inventory your pro―Life/anti―Life values in tabulated order of priority.
3.Analyze each of your values down to its genetic/cultural/parental cause. Inventory your proposed method of therapy or strengthening.
4.From your basic value/belief system, what secondary values/beliefs have you built into your basic personality structure?
5.How can you prove objectively that a value is right or wrong? How can you analyze each value to 100% honest harmony with the genetic code, with environment demands and with your transcendence growth?
6.How does your belief system influence your intellectual thought pro­duction and emotional feeling production? Give a 5―minute lecture on your understanding of the relationship between values, attitudes and behaviors in relation to neural maturation.
7.Describe your value of love,
8.What words are important to you to keep you constantly cognizant of your supreme growth values and your supreme defense values?
9.How can you transcend your ego sufficiently to analyze another person’s value―system to determine if reciprocal love is feasible? To determine if soulmating is feasible? What if you love egotistically?
10.What is the relation of fantasies to beliefs? Self―lies to beliefs?
11.What is your value of money? Of competitive consciousness capital­ism? Of working within the system to get survival/transcendence $!
12.Create a persuasive oratorical argument wherein the value/belief system is opposite to yours. Why is this a valuable skill?
13.How does a value/belief which you hold directly help to evolve or destroy the human species and planet Earth?

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