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Lesson 6: Freedom from Parents. Do you really want to grow up?

Your mouth may say, “yes,” but your behavior may say, “no.” If you have designed your total Life within the fantasy that a magical mama-substitute or papa-substitute will float down from heaven to solve all your problems tomorrow--or at least next week, or next year--then you are still frozen on ma or/and pa. It’s that simple.

Genetic intelligence has designed all Life―forms to be in conflict between child and parent. Infantile love nurtures. Adolescent rebell­ion forces child out of the nest. If you can’t stand the pain of kicking your Self out of the nest, you will rot into neurosis, insanity or homosexuality and be removed thereby. This may take a few generations of more deeply ruined children, but the Lifeforce is patient on the scale of evolutionary time. Eliminate losers.

If you want to grow up, transcend and breed Home Novus, your first step is to outgrow the mommie/dada fix. Your fears, confusions and shocks are your problem, not anyone else’s. Grow Or Die. The choice is yours.

1.Do you really want to stop running and hiding and to grow up?
2.What fear, guilt, shame, lie, cheat, steal, love, anger, joy, depen­dency, demandingness, insecurity, inadequacy, cringing, respect do you still feel when you say the words Mother, Father? Why?
3.What behavioral role-playings at what ages are still holding you to Mother, Father? What words cut the umbilical? What therapeutic technique dilutes and extinguishes the memory?
4.By what automatic genetic method can you read directly into your memory library to discover those specific episodes/experiences/trau­mas which still freeze you back at a moment of unresolved conflict be­tween child-you and Mummie or Poppie? Why is that automatic genetic method in your brain? How can you resolve each memorized conflict?
5.Inventory your age freeze-points at which you still wait patiently, like dumbly trusting child, expecting that the conflict will be re­solved to your ego satisfaction. What is the evolutionary advantage of age freeze-points being frozen in memory? How you gunna melt em?
6.What words, commands, prejudices and rules―of―living from Mother and Father do you still follow? What drive―or lack of drive―for “success” do you demonstrate in your subtle integrated behaviors as an unconscious “answering” to your disapproving Ma, Pa?
7.Write out every single dependency child memory, positive and nega­tive. Write your “Child Chapter(s) within your “Freedom Journal.”
8.How can you teach your parent(s) to grow up? What compassionate relationship should/can you have with them for the remainder of Life?
9.How can you turn your total child experience into an adult ecstasy?
10.Discuss child/parent relationship in terms of entropy/energy physics. How does this help you understand and accept Self/Life/― Universe quicker and more comprehensively?

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