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Lesson 7: Meditation

Meditation is nothing more than stopping the constantly buzzing “meeMeeeMEEEE” ego thought in your finite skull so you can experience the egolessness of infinity, By sitting down and slowing down thought, eventually you achieve the state of no thought. Your amygdala clicks into neutral. Your old rootstem stops computing competitive conscious­ness ego thought. Your amygdala clicks forward. Your frontal lobes receive pure cosmic consciousness and compute it into cooperative con­sciousness which, in turn, computes it into egoless thought. But thou­ght is contemplation, not meditation. Click the amygdala back into neutral. Now cosmic consciousness washes the whole brain: old rootstem as well as frontal lobes. When the washing is through, you will be kissed awake. A cosmic thought will balloon up. Write it down.

1.Describe the simplest, easiest, no―nonsense method of meditation.
2.What is the relation between brain and meditation? Between medita­tion and thought? Between thought and cosmic consciousness? Between meditation and cosmic intelligence? Between thought and cosmic intell­igence? How can you make all this an automatic flow behavior in Life?
3.What is the behavioral wrong imprinted upon the brain by any medita­tion technique which does not teach the relationship between the technique and neurological facts?
4.What docs meditation do to brain? To genetic growth? How?
5.Is meditation an end in itself, or is it a means to a greater end?
6.How can you shape meditation into a reality tool to solve jungle problems? To evolve into Homo Novus?
7.Discuss meditation in terms of entropy/energy physics.


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