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Chapter VII (113)
Control Centers of Emotions and Consciousness

1.(114) What personal observations have convinced you of the existence of brain behaviors beyond those conventionally discussed in school textbooks?
2.(117) What is the function of the cortex? If yours was peeled off like an orange skin, could you still function? Would you die?
3.(117) Discuss your understanding of the size of the cerebral cortex in Modern Man with that of Neanderthal. Extrapolate into Homo Novus. How are the connections from cortex to brain-stem made ontologic­ally? Can additional connections be made after the child is born? Can already made connections be chemically cauterized by mis-education? V/hat does this suggest to you about the best design of the school of the future?
4.(117) Why are no bodily processes vital to the maintaining of life, bodily housekeeping, controlled by the cortex?
5.(119) What are the control centers? (124) What test of reasonable­ness can you design and perform to convince--your self that you can change an electric current going through a control center from auto­matic to self-willed movement? Describe an experience when an electric impulse went into a control center automatically, but which you, by self-will, -stopped in mid―sensation and caused to back out, thus forbidding the terminal feeling. How can you increase such behaviors and cause them, in turn, to become automatic? Why?
6.(120) Can the dignity of brain tissue be invaded with malpractice insult by professions other than the brain surgeon?
7.(120) Discuss brain redundancy. Why has it been built in? How do you not use such to maximum self-benefit? How can you?
8.(123) In the on/off language of brain’s electric communication code, what alternative values can a pulse have?
9.(127) Describe the pleasure center. How can you shunt electric current into it? How can electric current be shunted into it against your will?
10. Discuss the semantics of re-naming the “pleasure” center the “Greed Center.” Which is closer to the truth; the human motivation­al, behavioral truth? Why? Examples. Discuss in terms of the Youth Drug Culture. How can Man hope to. outgrow―-educate to outgrow--the primal fear/greed centers in the old killer ape roots-tern?
11.(127) Is all “experience” merely “electrical experience”?
12.(128) How are reward systems and punishment systems manipulated by cultural values? How can you free your self from the automatic response to culturally trained values so each -value is chosen by free analysis and rational selection? Is it possible to do this for your whole memory library?
13.(129) How are the sex centers manipulated by society?
14.(129) If the cortex does not produce pleasurable responses, why does it feel good to solve a hard problem? What insight does this give you for building a curriculum into the school of the future?
15.(129) Describe the punishment center. How far away from the pleasure center? What prevents the electric current from jumping the gap, thereby making a pleasure feel a pain?
16.Discuss the semantics of re-naming the “punishment” center the “Fear Center.” Which is closer to the truth; the human motivation­al, behavioral truth? Why? Examples? Discuss in terms of the Middle Class Material/Success/Status Cu1ture. What kind of society would eliminate the need for the punishment/fear center being developed in child (for urban survival), without affecting maximum evolutionary perfection?
17.Discuss the meta-physic concept of Yin/Yang in terms of pleasure/­pain centers.
18.Discuss the semantic/behavioral advantage of’ re-naming these the Love-Center and the Hate-Center. What other polar dichotomies used as descriptive labels?
19.Discuss the lasting improvement on personality and character by drug stimulation of’ the pleasure center. Was it worth it? Would you advise your future child to do the same?
20.(134) What are deep brain waves? How different from shallow? Can you feel the difference between the two types? When? Can you change one to the other at will?
21.(135)Read the second paragraph describing the epileptic attack aloud several times. What does it suggest to you? What if the deep waves did not go quite to the extreme posi­tive and extreme negative values? What would we call such a deep―wave experience within the limits of sensory overload?
22.(136) Describe your understanding of psychic aura. When is it part of reality; when fantasy/illusion?
23.Describe the location and function of the amygdala. What is the Greek derivation of the word? What importance does this switch play in your conceptualizations during attempts at brain self-control?
24.(137) Design a technique for alleviating and curing deep brain waves surging through the punishment center of a suffering patient.
25.(137) Describe the God―button: the control center for conscious­ness.
26.What is consciousness? Is consciousness electrical? How does “psyche”-ology explain human behavior? Natural law? Life mystery? Universe? With what definition of consciousness? How different from neural cybernetics?
27.(138) If we can perform sensory discrimination in our sleep, is it possible to up-grade and discipline this skill into more complex behavior like writing a coherent thought on a clipboard while asleep? An essay? A book?
28.Is it possible to lie to your self during sleep thought; during sleep decision-making? How can this phenomenon be used as precision tool to accelerate self-therapy of’ the backward lying components of personality? To accelerate self―growth in-to social mission of the forward needs/wants components of personality?
29.(140―41) Discuss -the relationship between concentration of attention upon an object/experience and its focus upon self―interest. What is the relationship between enlightened self-interest and human motivation? What is the relationship between enlightened self―interest, self-fulfillment, and ego? ~hat part do these play in capitalist society? Socialist society? Discuss the variations of human concen­tration/interest/motivation in a commune farm and in a free enterprise farm.
30.(141) How is concentration of attention/interest maintained in grade school? High school? College? Twenty―year job? Marriage?Old age?
31.(141) Describe a procedure whereby brain’s electric volume-control, voltage and sensitivity is focused and concentrated upon some vital environment datum while tuning out a significant mass of surrounding irrelevant data. Which sector of’ your daily environment bombards your brain with the greatest quantity of irrelevant data? What eventually happens -to the brain’s skill of blocking this out? What consequences?
32.What personal decision/action can you choose upon which to increase your concentration of life-relevant data―input, wile blocking out the life-irrelevant data also trying to sneak in?
33.As the decision-making center in the reticular activating formation collapses up to simplicity formerly complex matrices of neuron behavioral patterns, the violent wave motion slops down just an inch deeper into the rootstem and triggers the housekeeping mechanisms lodged there: breathing, heartbeat, temperature, pressure. The shock of making the decision to simplify your life triggers some-thing akin to a “chill-button,” an “arm―flap tingle-button,” a “coryza―button.” Each individual reacts uniquely. Yet the syndrome is common. Once identified, the self―verifying re-matrixing of neurotic configurations accelerates -therapy with spectacular speed. Be on the lookout for this gross thalamus-looping phenomenon. Have you already so experienced it? What is your fun name for it; to make it happen again and again until you are all shit out?

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