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Chapter X (197)
Automatic Learning

1.Define classical conditioning.
2.Give examples of human classical conditioning.
3.Design a therapy to de-condition to extinction an unwanted automatic behavioral response. Design a menu of psycho-dramas.
4.Which of your conditioned stimulus/response reactions do you now do because you voluntarily choose to so behave?
5.Which of your stimulus/response reactions are genetically innate, species―wide?
6.Which of your stimulus/response reactions are precisely the way your parents react?
7.Which of your stimulus/response reactions are irrational/neurotic, thus consuming precious time/energy away from forward growth?
8.(198) Discuss stimuli which, in objective reality, are neutral valued, but which, through cultural conditioning, the uncritical individual “knows” to be “good” or “bad,” How many of your stimulus/― response values have been, judged uncritically to the detriment of your happiness fulfillment? What are the emotional reactions aroused by these value judgments?
9.(198) How can higher reasoning change a conditioned value from (―) to (+)? At about what age is this self-changing process under 50/50 self-control; can go either way to re-birth or spiritual death? At about what age is it hopeless to try to grow out to full maturity if not already started?
10.(198) How much of public schooling is learning by conditioning? Conditioning to what? To what image of a future environment/­society/economic system?
11.(199) Describe the ideal―type “Slobbus Americanus” in terms of his/her inventory of entirely automatic, unthinking, conditioned reflexes to approved society stimuli.
12.(199) Describe painful stimuli which, after proper response, are good for your personality/character; force you to grow.
13.(199) Give examples in society wherein painful, powerfully shocking stimuli of an essentially inhuman/anti-life sort do not cause individuals to turn away in disgust/outrage but do cause them to turn into and receive more integrity insult. How could this process be accelerated to create a totally inhumane society? Can you cite examples of this already in the public schools?
14.(200) Give an. example from history of deliberately conditioning humans to lose their feelings of pain, replaced by a developed response of pleasure, to what would normally be an intensely pain-causing stimulus, character molding of brutes.
15.(200) What changes in your normal body functions are caused by what conditioned code words?
16.What is the difference between training and teaching? Between indoctrination and dialog? What is the different quality of learning--of neuron matrix conditioning--resulting from each?
17.(202) Within an individual whose basic personality structure is predominantly a system of well―established conditioned reflexes, is it possible to guide him into the higher states of natural consciousness expansion?
18.(202) What is extinction?
19.Last paragraph, page 213; principle of neuron/motor/glandular conditioning. How could you build this into your curriculum of your future school so the child, in full self―control, could do this to himself to accelerate his learning of specifically chosen data? How can it be integrated with sleep (SOS Bx―VII) to cause higher orders of behavioral excellence? To cause increased imagination; creativity?
20.(204) Describe operant conditioning. Instrumental conditioning.
21.Inventory your conditioned responses into the categories of classical and operant responses; into the categories of stimuli unconsciously controlling your involuntary response mechanisms and your voluntary response mechanisms.
22.(204) Discuss the goodness and badness of’ using rewards and punishments in teaching/learning via operant conditioning. How do (+)/(―) incentives motivate? What is the difference between socialist incentive food production in Russia and capitalist incentive food production in America? Hip communes?
23.Discuss teaching/learning that goes beyond operant conditioning; that teaches child at a deeper, more innate level of loving―to―learn, hence, perverted by operant conditioning of urban techniques.
24.If all rewards/punishments are withdrawn from students, will all students equally become self―motivated to pursue learning? What place is there in society for the non―motivated who are not forced to learn?
25.(205) Discuss the physiologic validity of’ developing your own self-controlled sub―routines of operant conditioning; of volting―up and volting-down cortex thought and thalamus emotions within stimulus/response situations. Discuss in terms of strengthening or weakening neuronal connections, What advantage to your computational skill and efficiency of memorization does this first-principle neuron conceptualization have over the second principle poetics of psychology?
26.(205) What is the physiologic source of natural curiosity? Imagination? Playfulness?
27.Recapitulate your learning curve to this point in life: spurts, retrogressions, joys, traumas, lazinesses, energy force field collapses, and whatever else influenced your becoming what you now are. Extrapolate.
28.(206) Discuss the existence of the universality of’ learning through all species. V/hat does this suggest to you for designing and working toward a better society?
29.(207) Give an example of how correct performances of essentially immoral behaviors are rewarded and reinforced right up to accepted premature death.
30.(207) What non―neurotic, playsie/funsie/gamsie system of rewards and punishments have you evolved for your self to get through humdrum but necessary work chores? How can you increase this life-loving dynamic? Why? How much of life is humdrum? Need it be?
31.Of what importance is the above reward/punishment system to the systematic achievement of higher states of consciousness? Within higher states of consciousness, are rewards and punishments relevant as motivators to get optimum efficiency work done?
32.Describe a curriculum unit teaching a child a specific connection― strengthening goal by using specific emotional signals of approval or disapproval. Write a “P-I,” Programmed Instruction tape to insert into a teaching computer, thereby making possible your teaching wisdom to hundreds, not just to one child.
33.Discuss your emotional and your reasoned opinions on human teaching versus machine teaching. When can one be better than the other? How should parents be taught to teach optimally? Describe the ideal Learning Nursery. Learning Society.
34.Write your comprehensive theory of human learning. Write the natural corollaries that flow from this theory. Write the pragmatic programming into:


35.(209) Write a therapeutic P―I of extinction exercises.
36.(210) Define imprinting.
37.Describe experiences where you were imprinted during trauma; (+) & (-).
38.Can a scientific procedure of controlled measurement use the mechanism of imprinting via positive/negative trauma to create quantum jumps in human learning? Personality growth? Character growth?Creative production?
39.(212) At this state of your understanding, write a comprehensive theory of brain function.
40.(212) How is the amygdala involved in the emotional process?
41.(213) What is habituation? How is it good/bad for the Good Life?
42.(213) Give an example from your personal experience when somebody changed -the rules, rationally or irrationally; when a former good suddenly was called a bad; when you were shocked into making a transition from illusion to reality.
43.(21/4) Since learning and knowing involve interconnecting neuronal circuits that are widely separated in the brain, discuss the value to learning of the Sleep Chapter VII in the Syllabus. V/hat can you learn/know by following this procedure in primal nature as compared to following it in the urban stress environment?
44.(215) What consistent and reproducible new patterns of’ learning behavior have you evolved since first entering this course of study?
45.(215) If you had a wind-generating battery-operated electroencephalograph machine up here on this electricity less mountain (or a chipmunk treadmill one) to measure brain waves, how would you use it to accelerate your self―knowledge?
46.(215-16) Discuss how humming a 6-cycle-per-second wave through a college library might facilitate mass learning. What other kinds of waves might do damage to the human brain?
47.What in this chapter will help you become more happy via quicker learning? More great via better learning?

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