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Chapter XI (219)
Higher Learning

1.(219) Define the two opposing philosophic schools of thought, the Mechanists versus the Vitalists. Toward which do you trend?
2.What is consciousness?
3.Can consciousness be studied/measured/quantified objectively? Subjectively?
4.(219) Verbally articulate a mechanistic model of brain function. A vitalistic model.
5.(219) Is consciousness an active or passive property of brain behavior? Is your life an actively self-controlled or passively pre-destined element within the component Earth within the system Universe?
6.(219, 220) State Wooldridge’s philosophic/value/belief position on the nature of consciousness. If we accept this position, what will be the consequence to a curriculum which seeks to achieve higher states of natural consciousness expansion? If we reject this position, what would be the consequence to the same curriculum?
7.What personal experience have you had with consciousness expansion, natural or artificial, which makes you feel qualified to argue for or against Wooldridge?
8.What is your opinion about how Wooldridge states his opinion of the topic of consciousness? Could he do otherwise? Does he do so honestly?
9.Do you feel intuitively that the ordinary laws of physics will some day explain the first cause of consciousness?
10.Discuss how education of the emotions should be a routine part of the publics tax supported schools. How would education of the consciousness fit into this curriculum? How would you educate an orgasm?
11.“4-Loop―Learning”: Cortex―Loop, unemotional data processing. Thalamus-Loop, emotional feeling processing from greed/fear killer-ape motivation refined up to pleasure/pain, love/hate, amity/enmity, self―fulfillment/self―protection. Decision―Making-Loop in the reticular activating formation. Sex-Loop comprehensively unifying and balancing all on a continuously unbalancing/growing gradient. In the most ideal school teaching 4-Loop-Learning, what “higher learning” would you expect to occur? To emerge from brain dormancy automatically? Why?
12.(220) What percentage of conscious self―control exists over consciousness?
13.(220) State Wooldridge’s working hypothesis of consciousness? Is it an honest statement?
14.(220) What small perturbation in the operation of the physical principles of’ brain/consciousness has occurred since this book was published in 1963? How do you think the book will be re-written in the future? After a trip?
15.(221) Define memorization. How can the “DPIM” process in the Methodology Chapter help memorization?
16.How is consciousness related to memory event―storage?
17.What is the difference between brain and mind?
18.(221) Discuss the efficiency of recall of stored data as practiced in the public schools. The consequence of forced storage and forced recall. What is a good technique for recalling data? For learning?
19.(221) If effective memorization is a function of self―motivated concentration of attention, and if concentration of attention is a function of self-fulfilling pleasure/meaning, discuss how Thalamus― Looping of emotions is used to enhance/deteriorate Cortex―Looping of data:
―In the public schools
―In the “free” schools of the Consciousness Education Movement
-In Army Basic Training (Marine) -
―In the most perfectly conceivable school of-the future.
20.Primary Creative Process is 100% trust of the Lifeforce; of the line between physic and metaphysic/mystery. Secondary Creative Process is 99.999% trust, or less; trying to close the gap via art form search/expression. Discuss the memory stored data and experiences which sum into your total belief or asymptotic belief in life. Discuss how this influences your Primary or Secondary Creative Production; its-­automaticness or inhibition. How can you increase efficiency to maximum production? Why?
21.(221) What relevant insignificant memories from the past do you now recall vividly? What caused this unexpected permanent fixation? Conversely, what relatively important data-processing from the past can you not now recall and would like to be able to do so for tool-use in computing a better life? What does this suggest to you about the “forgetting curve”? Who is to blames the child or the teacher or the system? The school system or the socio―economic system? What action does this suggest to you about challenging―― with courage―― the efficiency of the public schools charged by the taxpayers to generate maximum quantity/quality of brain skill within the defenseless human child being prepared to create the Good Life? What does this suggest -to you about inventing a maximum efficiency, a maximum cost/profit, system for child memorization of life-relevant knowledge?
22.(221) What bullshit―sensing, wisdom―sensing and attention―focusing mechanisms/behaviors can you invent to screen out the multitude of seductive, non-productive, mind-fucking stimuli with which society/TV, ­Madison Avenue bombards your drive for inner self-perfection? What attention-focusing behaviors can you invent to home-in on the maximum sources of wisdom data and experiences for your self-perfection, even if hidden from view? What journals already publish such?
23.Discuss the value of the sleep procedure in Chapter VII in terms of maximum event storage and retrieval.
24.What is sleep? How can you focus the phenomenon of-sleep into maximum higher learning?
25.(221) Discuss the gestalt concept of Syllabus Chapter―I in terms of the automatic pattern interconnection principle.
26.What are memory devices? In difficult memorization, like a person’s name, why are the most outrageous associations the most efficient in fixing that name with some absurdly exaggerated quality of’ his being? Give examples. Make a playsie/funsie/gamsie out of it.
27.How do you memorize past emotions? Can you memorize a taste?
28.(222) Describe in terms of neuron/ion-exchange/synapse how sequencing memorization might occur as data-bits are recorded into the final comprehensive matrix: “first kiss.”
29.(222) What is the efficiency advantage of not laying the pattern of a memorized matrix down in one continuous effort? How do the public schools force child to do it? what consequences? Write a step-by-step methodology for laying down a memorization pattern in the most efficient way. How can you adjust your current learning program to incorporate this? What was the maximum number of times around that you took to learn a piece of knowledge?
30.(222) Discuss genetically innate perception variance between human individuals. Do two individuals perceive the same reality in the same way? Is it then a “same” reality? Between two people, how does innate variance of perception compute/transform the same data into different realities? What does this say about Liberals and Conserva­tives? Capitalists and Socialists? How does day-to-day (hour―by-hour) attitude variance affect perception variance? What does this suggest to you about the nature of reality at different times of the day as your brain-body fluctuates its natural energy curve? What does this suggest to you about the hour schedules of schools? What does this suggest to you about the efficiency of data stored at an 8 A.M. class? Of data stored at home in bed after gently waking to study? At that abomination of energy-drained sadomasochism, Night School? How does all this affect a human child’s love of life?
31.What is the value of evidence from experience as compared to evidence from a book? What is its relation to wisdom? What is the relation between knowledge and wisdom in neural terms?
32.(223) Draw a symbolic diagram of a perfectly educated child’s memory library, wherein only life-significant data have been received, corrected, improved, matrixed and salted-out into unemotional storage. Draw the opposite diagram for the mind-fucked child. Start a new art form: “Neural Abstract Impressionism.”
33.(223) Write your theory of memory and learning for maximum efficiency education, Program the pragmatic steps to put it into practice in this given American society.
34.(223) Age-Looping is the matrixing process of going back through successive ages of your personal development to review how a standard survival problem was differentially solved at each stage of data memorization. How can Age-Looping enhance the fun of solving a serious problem today by enriching associative recall with all those other people you once were?
35.Under situations of extreme negative emotional stress―-- during accident/war/death--- discuss the human tendency to revert to child behaviors. What survival value does this have? How can you design such self-defense value into a rationally chosen procedure of mature child behavior/self-therapy 50 as to better cope with future stress/― calamity which surely is awaiting up there in the future of your life?
36.How can you turn past negative memories into positive tools for today? Associative Recall Jujitsu.
37.(223) How can chains of recollection be brought forward to create fun rituals while working at some humdrum/boring/distasteful job/learning? How much of your memory library is being wasted because it is not being so jujitsu-flipped from negative to positive? What inhibitors must you first shit out before you can get to this gold mine of goodies?
38.How can you program your thresholds so certain cue stimuli automatically trigger age-looping and jujitsu-flipping into some tedious chore, thereby making it an uproariously entertaining gag?
39.(224) Define a concept. What is the difference between a concept and an idea? What is an abstraction? What is the relationship between an abstraction and an experience? What type of education must be applied to a child to form maximum powers of conceptualization? What type of education best trains an individual to use concepts merely as a bridge to action? Social action? Action-Intellectual. How are the powers of conceptualization and action affected within the children of second-class citizens within America? What consequences to the USA?
40.(224) Using the automatic―pattern―interconnecting principle, design a therapy for culturally-deprived/ghetto children to catchup and make it out. For creating super-genius within normal children.
41. Review Chapter-I of the Syllabus. How can each of’ these elements be maximized into a training routine of automatic-pattern-inter­connecting measurably increasing the power of memorization and the loving of life?
42.Describe how a memory-matrix is fixed via cortex-looping and thalamus-looping.
43.(225) What is creative thought? How can creative thinking be trained into and stored into a child so as to come out automatical­ly/naturally during most problem solving for the remainder of life?
44.(225) What single words are conditioned into your memory library to evoke entire packages of emotional response?
45.Discuss how two neural cyberneticists (Golden Mountain Men) might carry on a zippp-speed conversation sprinkled with jargoney neural-algebra cue-words which do in fact expedite the diagnosis/cure of a specific patient’s specific joy/meaning problem.
46.Describe your vision of a super-language of the future which will join all men of planet Earth into near-perfect communication.
47.To a child inflicted with the dis―integrating data of mass mis­education, what survival value is there to the fact that thought is widely dispersed throughout the brain? How does the probable existence of such fluid thought plasma give hope that a dictator can never take over the massed mind of men?
48.(227) How do “IQ” tests measure future brain performance? Valid or invalid? Why then should children be so pre-judged in schools?
49.(227) If non-qualitative, subjective, behavioristic observations are more valid in judging human performance than physical measurements,what does this say about the past 100 years of American education? About the next 100 years?
50.If the neurologist cannot explain the higher thought processes, who then must become the next explainer lest mass education slip into chaos deeper than it already is in?
51.Hypothesize a theoretic model and teaching procedure beyond direct measurement, yet within the Science of Self―Experiencing, which will encourage the average student to pursue the higher intellectual processes. How will natural consciousness expansion fit into this?
52.(227) If there isn’t a great deal known with certainty about how the brain works and how it can be “taught,” how dare teachers act as if they know these things with certainty? What does this suggest must be the underlying uncertainties/insecurities of a semi-sensitive teacher who wonders about what he is doing to the fate of the kids gawking up in wide-eyed trust at his authoritative dominance? What does this do to the mental health of the teacher? What does this do to the kid when he grows old enough to be wise enough to learn that the teacher really didn’t know brain/knowledge/life? How does this relate to college riots?
53.Inventory as simple propositions the unverified assumptions underlying American education, Russian education. Your school of the future.
54.What major accomplishments in improved education for Homo Novus are now ongoing in America?
55.What clues, intuitive hunches, to brain researchers can you give as a result of going through this course; clues which will lead them to ask the right questions and discover more awesome facts? Why not do it yourself and pick up a Nobel Prize while you’re puttering around with life? How could you get funding? Have you been invited to see the fat “Nobel Prize File” of brain ideas in storage up here?
56.How would an educated Zen 1~-’~aster agree with Wooldridge that probably there is a great deal wrong with the model of brain function presented in this book? How would Wooldridge disagree with much of what a Zen Master does to understand/control reality? How a Marxist? how does a Mountain Man pick the best of each argument and synthesize the Middle―Way?

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