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Chapter XII (229)
Computers and the Brain

1.(229) Discuss the brain/mind dichotomy to your terminal policy action.
2.How much is known to first principles of physics about how living organisms operate and how much is still unknown? How much is speculation at the frontier of meta-physics? How much of non-material “mind” (“psyche”) is still used to explain brain function?
3.What are the largest unknowable and unexplainable facts of life today?
4.Prior to Man’s understanding that the brain operated in accordance with the ordinary laws of physics, what-was the place of brain in Western thought? What residual consequences from that thought still influence human lives?
5.(230) Discuss personality function and dysfunction in terms of the integrity of neuronal connections to the frontal lobes.
6.(230) Is the brain only a machine?
7.(231) From the stimulation of this course, do you choose to pursue inquiry into other branches of the life sciences?
8.(231) What is the next order of end results which already are being demonstrated subjectively as available for mass emergence from brain? What further objective realities can the neural cybernetic oriented individual hope to demonstrate as new brain power?
9.(231) What cross―fertilizations between neurology, neural cybernetics and other fields do you propose so as to yield still more astonish­ing results in understanding the nature of human nature, human motiva­tion for cooperative action, and living life as love?
10.(233) As an economic forecaster, cast forth your opinions about the emergence of a need-wanting market of demand for the available supply of neural cybernetics teachers, Do you suspect this is a growth stock or a declining fad?
11.How can systems―analysis, systems―engineering, be applied to school systems to teach brain self-control and education of the emotions, via neural cybernetics, but without dehumanizing the student?
12.(234) What is the maximum efficiency cost/benefit ratio for teach­ing neural cybernetics? How can you persuade a public school system to attempt such teaching to demonstrate drastic reduction of its physical and emotional dropout rate? A juvenile jail to reduce its recidivism rate? Design a fun-n-games summer camp which subtly teaches neural cybernetic truths but without stating such to scare off the rich mommies and poppies. How would you get funding if you wanted to operate a demonstration project of summer camp brain teaching? Do the bureaucrats really want to save kids? The teachers union? Who in current government/corporate/union/parental America truly is aware of and working toward achieving child’s full human potential?
13.(23/4) Have you mastered the secret power of brain self-controls the breaking down of extraordinarily complex problems into simple binary steps which can be handled very simply by your available brain/body/tool? Recent examples of success.
14.(235) Write a simple digital program of binary propositions from a complex problem.
15.(235) What sorts of yes/no devices can you arrange in parameters around your living environment to provide maximum efficiency in screening out fools from friends; in protecting your precious, dwindling human privacy; for increasing your primary creative production?
16.(235) What is two―valued logic? Probabilistic logic? Alogarithmic reasoning? A heuristic device? How do these differ from the “normal” kind of “common sense” thinking done by average people?
17.(235) What are your computational estimates of the probability that:
- Man is not a genetically―encoded killer-ape?
- Earth will not be sterilized of life by the year 2000?
― The frontal lobes will soon be tapped totally within infants?
- You soon will Know Thyself?
18.(235) If the narrowly digital nature of computing brain tissue is not here to stay, what then will be the thought forms of the future? Can you see them evolving already within accidental human mutants?
19.(236) What is the single, most fundamental significance you have gotten from this course?
20.(236) What amazing productions are you already planning to achieve with your increasing knowledge of brain self-control?
21.(236) Do you think it would be to your future advantage to enroll in a formal computer science course?
22.(236) What performance attributes of intelligence are you now increasing via the discipline of neural cybernetics?
23.(237) What hints from nature suggest still more profound powers to emerge from brain tissue?
24.If Man is still dependent upon nature as the supreme teacher and source of all knowledge, why then does he presume hubris via his cities and technologies? In the final showdown, who will win?
25.What is the best policy to recommend to the human race in matters of zero population growth, regional economics, micro-technology, homesteading, and education? How can you get beyond talk into citizen action that such shall come to pass?
26.(237) How can you embarrass/force the tax supported schools of the public to cease and desist from their studied avoidance of the phenomenon of consciousness? Of the educations of the emotions? Of whole brain learning?
27.(237) What pre-requisite real properties of land and tools and money currently are necessary for you to realize and fulfill the most real property of human experiences natural consciousness expan­sion? Is such a right covered by the Bill of Rights in the Constitu­tion? Is it in fact allowed by Federal/State/County law to a child? Whatcha gonna do bout tit?
28.(238) State the simple Philosophy of America; the National Purpose. Has the underlying and overscreening Philosophy of America failed to persuade the majority of its youth to be loyal to the existing, dominant institutions determining the quality of individual life? Is it possible for an individual to be totally hating of an institution­alized force upon his life, yet totally obedient to it? Why? What neural mechanisms? What alternative do you propose?
29. (238) What value is there toward creating the best possible home America in studying meta―physics? The occult? Mysticism? Drugs? Are these truly of ultimate citizen wisdom value or are they merely escape fantasies/illusions/delusions? Do they have a place in the halls of academe? In the dialog of science? In the universal discourse of life?
30.(238) Is there no essential difference between living and non―living matter? What is the asymptotic difference between: “Life has been created in the lab,” and, “Life almost has been created in the lab”?
31.Is 99.999% passing in life?
32.What is Lifeforce? What are the synonyms for it in different religious and philosophic belief systems?
33.Do you think intelligent life ever will be created in a lab (other than in your bouncey bed)?
34.Will the computer ever take over humans on Earth?
35.(239) Will consciousness ever be explained by the ordinary laws of physics? Will universe?
36.Can you live comfortably and delightfully with mystery?
37.(239) What orderly and lawful statements can you make, in a publishable scientific paper, about the science of self―experienc­ing the higher states of natural consciousness expansion? Can you teach a course in it? What experimental techniques will you design for measuring and quantifying the ratio/relationship between subjective consciousness and the physical environment which influences its occurrence? Between maximum efficiency physical environment and maximum primary creative production?
38.(239) What meters, oscilloscopes and machines do you need to help make consciousness scientifically respectable?
39.(239) What is meant by a level of consciousness?
40.(240) Can consciousness be reduced to still more elemental particles? How does consciousness relate to E = me2? To Space/Time/Energy/Matter?
41.(240) Can you ever be aware of all that is going on in the brain? Could you stand it?
42.Do you trust the automatic “intuits” of your brain? Do you think they could be increased in quantity/quality? For what value to your time/energy/work/production?
43.(240) What is the special organization of matter placed in a suitable electrochemical state that produces the maximum daily ecstasy?

(That’s a joke, Son!)
(( Two people fuckkkinnnggggggggggggg...))
((( Let’s go out of’ this course on a hosslaff’)))
44.(2/41)What interesting adventures has this book/course illumined for you to pursue into the human potential movement? Into the consciousness education movement? Is your life significantly changing? Will you significantly change the lives of others?



Peace be with you in this most exciting discovery awaiting:
Your future greatness!

T. D. Lingo
Adventure Trails Survival School
Laughing Coyote Mountain
Black Hawk, Colorado


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