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Chapter II (18)
Schematic Diagram of the Nervous System


1.How does your spinal cord relate you in unbroken line with 100,000,000 years of life mystery?
2.What specific matter in your spinal cord bridges the gap between your now conscious existence and the first stirrings of life within Earth’s hot soupy seas?
3.Why is nature’s cabling arrangement an orderly one?
4.What causes the simple reflex action of a neuron to click Go or NoGo?
5.(19) If “white matter contains only axons,” how dare anyone claim vast dormancy for the main bulk of meat under the cortex?
6.(20)”Regenerative capability.” Itemize human examples. Guess a few which still may be dormant but at human threshold. Invent a standard operational procedure to discover/release new ones.
7.(21) Give examples of wired-in and learned human behaviors. Can they be changed? Self—controlled?
8.(21) What mechanism of human behavior can you explain by first principle physics -that your parents could explain only by mystery? What now mysteries will be explained scientifically by your children?
9.(22) What is the difference between a reasonable hypothesis of brain behavior and an unreasonable hypothesis?
10.Chemical “concentration gradients”: How do they relate to orderly growth from ovum to fetus to fully formed child brain-body of perfect connections for limitless growth?
11.Explain a hypothesis of how the optic nerves connect with the proper parts of the optic lobes during the embryonic-growth process.
12.Name the humps and grooves of brain. Why do they exist?
13.Re-read page 25. True?
14.(25) Again, the “dormancy” teaser, Wooldridge sez: “the whitish material consists solely of axons. The tracts of white tissue are the intercommunicating cables...” True or false?
15.(26) What is the corpus callosum? Why?
16.Why has nature selected the built-in redundancy design for our brain-body? Itemize. Which do you hypothesize are still dormant? Design experiments to discover such.
17.(28) Logical performance. Can brain logically perform illogical computations?
18.(30) Voltage pulses. Inventory moments of chance experience when you feel a voltage pulse either increasing or decreasing in your brain; changing direction, value, or/and quantity. Volting-up,volting-down;volting—negative,volting—positive.
19.(31) When youth jargon says, “I feel good vibes,” can you logically, from neurological first principles, give such a statement a valid base in physiologic fact?
20.Give a 5-minute lecture on the terminology and behavior of wave motion.
21.(34) Continuous status report. How much of your self-sensing and self-reporting and self-adjusting goes on within-your body without your conscious awareness? With your conscious awareness? Of the unconscious data processing, which functions would it be to your improved survival advantage to transfer to conscious attention/aware­ness/control? Of the Conscious continuous status self-reporting, would it be to your survival advantage to transfer it to unconscious/sub-threshold/automatic control? Examples. Why? By what procedure?
22.(35) What is the relationship between genes, chromosomes, DNA, RNA?
23.How much of your “life” automatically is pre-determined by the DNA-code? And what intelligence wrote the code? And who wrote the code-makers code?
24.What is the ma-thematic probability, the combinations and permuta­tions, of the different kinds of chance choices your individual self started becoming at the moment your father’s sperm touched your mother’s egg?

Lab Experiments and Experiences


Basic Personality Structure is the internal mechanism of your brain-body; the way you are connected to your self to compute either neurotic/self_destructive actions/behaviors or natural/self-growing actions/behaviors.

Since you are an American within a guilt saturated society, a certain portion of your BPS is polluted with neurosis. Do an inventory accounting of your personality traits/actions/behaviors which do and do not harmonize self with self; self with environment. Identify the laugh/sing/love factors versus the lie/cheat/steal.

Select one trait/action/behavior which is negative and design a self-therapy program to change it to conscious positive, then to shunt it down to unconscious automatic, still positive. Write the program.



Your individuality is only as good and as free as the economic support system which allows you free choice and free growth into totally secure Free Man; Natural Man. You are free only as the food/shelter/health which allows uninhibited growth into higher states of consciousness and inter-personal human cooperation via survival reasoning.

Design your comprehensive Economic Support System for your homestead within the reality of America today.“

Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of -the alternative theories of support systems within the USSR and USA; of collective cooperation versus diverse competition; of group decision-making versus rugged individual alone.

Design a superior/redundancy support system to prepare for all eventualities wi-thin your current environmental reality and write a program for continual learning/growth commensurate with such expanded opportunity.



Each behavioral action has its own mm/max threshold at which it is triggered into motion. Inventory yours. At what -threshold do you trigger automated frustration, hostility, hate, aggression, violence, kill? At what threshold do you trigger respect, affection, -trust, romantic love, divine love?

What secondary factors determine -threshold variability to these primary behaviors?

Design a program of variable cues to alter thresholds at will, automatically, as environmental stimuli and situations change.

Design a procedure of Situation Analysis which determines which multiple -thresholds will be activated and tuned to sense which external stimuli to trigger which pre-programmed sub-routines of automatic behavior.

How can -this become something better than cold bureaucratic robot behavior?

How can this become an enormously efficient way of conserving precious time/energy when working with fools?

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