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Chapter III (37)
Peripheral Data Processing in Nervous System


Thesis: All brain activity is data processing.
Corollary: All human behavior terminating in happiness or unhappiness is data processing between self and environment.
Corollary: All data processing between self and environment which
terminates in the self feeling unhappy is the result of:
A-Improper gathering of data, or,
B-Improper computation of correct raw data, or,
C-Paralysis of the will refusing to act on properly computed data.

1.37) Inventory -the -sensory data which your brain-body collects each day and which gives your self a continuous accounting of the state of the outside environment relevant to your happiness.
2.How much of this data gathering is above -threshold conscious and how much is sub-threshold unconscious? Why?
3.At what threshold at each sensor does a datum click from unconscious to pre—conscious to conscious awareness/attention? Trace the result­ing awareness/attention/decision/action syndrome. Which are good, which are not good for your time/energy conservation program? Which can be changed to more positive cost/time/efficiency benefit?
4.(37) “The goal of this entire book may properly be defined as the achievement and understanding of how these data processing activi­ties of the brain are carried out.” State the goal of the Neural . Cybernetics Course based upon and extrapolated from this statement.
5.(37) Inventory the finite list of environmental factors which influ­ence “the complex ministrations of the brain” to generate your termi­nal behavior of action/creativity/production/goodness/beauty/survival.
6.(37) Describe the syndrome of sensory overload. Inventory the sources and effects of irrelevant information which was forced into your brain computer from infancy on and the resulting clicking closed of significant survival matrices within your basic personality struc­ture because of sensory overload-—- because of not being able to bear the thought of your own failure of will to survive at maximum joy/mean­ing growth. How can you design a systematic therapy to re-open these closed potentials for experiencing more truth/beauty/goodness in life?
7.Do you experience automatic physiologic reactions triggered by sensory overload?
8.(38) “Input information in a form convenient for use in the control functions of the organism.” Translate this second principle word-description into first principle chemical/ion/electric/magnetic terms describing how a thought is formed and guided into a control center to cause an action.
9.(38) “Servo control circuit,” Define. Define the concept of ...“servo-mechanism” and give examples in environment; in self. What survival value from these natural re-balancing mechanisms? Give examples of un-natural social servo-mechanisms by which human brain #1 can manipulate and control human brain #2 to work for goals chosen by ~l and directly contrary to the health and happiness of #2. Are you #2?
10.Discuss the difference between primary (visual) data and secondary data. Between relevant input/output data and irrelevant. How can you volt-down to a minimum your time/energy waste of inputting/outputt­ing irrelevant data between self and environment? How can you design a program of sub-routines to process irrelevant, but necessarily required, data automatically at the peripheral computations without bothering the central data processor with such trivia?
11.(39) “Automatic and precise” brain functions at sub—threshold, un­conscious level. Inventory this wow list of goodies your brain works and gives to you as free gift of efficiency, requiring lazy you to do nothing but suck up the benefits. Does such automatic goodness of giving without receiving continue beyond the notorious “Age 25 Energy-Curve Decline”? How can it be made to go into arithmetic progression? Geometric? Design a program.
12.How many parts of your overall behavior aura are unconscious/automatic system-linkings of sub—routines between stimulus/responsesubtly forcing you into actions which are culturally-determined, not self-willed determined? Which are innate/genetically/DNA determined? Inventory. Which can be changed by conscious self-willed decision? Which are computed at the periphery without coming into the central data processor: culturally-determined reflex-reaction behaviors?
13.Give examples of formerly learned automatic/culturally-demanded reflex-reaction behaviors to which you once blindly were obedient but which you have changed recently to opposite values/actions. Des­cribe the inner conflict/doubt/uncertainty/pain you experienced in process. Describe your laughing wisdom of now being able to look back from the higher elevation of better knowing. How can you teach others to do such? How does the anti—life/anti-learning society conspire against such?
14.Define imprint. Describe in first principle electro—chemical terms how this neuronal-matrix datum/behavioral event occurs. Design a therapy for volting-down and extinguishing a consciously unwanted imprint. For re-imprinting positively. How can controlled-trauma be used to extinguish or imprint a selected behavioral trait? Skip discussion of froggies and kitties, 39 to 52. Merely corroborative methodology.
15.(53) “Intelligence.” Define it from multiple points of Lifeview: Parent. Basic Cognitive Fix. Kinneygarden teacher. High school principal. Life-sour university professor. Winking Zen Master. Humble astronomy/universe cosmologist. Primal nature Mountain Man. Fear/greed Wall Street broker capitalist. Dictatorial socialist. Democratic socialist. Fat n 40 tired Liberal, Conservative. system bombing radical, anarchist. Black Panther. Catholic priest. Middle-America hardhat. Polluting factory president. Punchpress operator. Hilton Hotel toilet scrubber. Mass media editor. Underground micro media editor. Madison Avenue advertising account executive. High school hippie; university dropout longhair speed freak. Orgasm-less suburban housewife. Zoologist. Others. You.
16. Does all intelligence compute out of the central brain? What computations at the periphery can be termed “intelligence”?
17.What 1s the difference between intelligence and instinct? How are they related? How un-related? Discuss the instinct/intelligence of animals. Observe those on the mountain and report.
18. Discuss the idea that intelligence might exist throughout cosmos. How such outside intelligence might penetrate Earth and your brain to influence human behavior, UFOs. God.
19. As Man has progressed from the theorizing of Aristotle and Einstein to the experimentation of Fermi and Oppenheimer, from mere imagin­ings of cause-and-effect to instrumentation/measurement/quantification/_ experimentation/verification, do the same for the year 2000s Describe whatever new instruments you need and set up a yes/no experiment to test for the existence of a noos/mind-sphere. What visionary scientist of today will be honored in 2000?
20.Inventory your mm/max thresholds of behavioral sub-routines. How do your responses vary with various stimuli? With variable episodes on your sensitivity curve? With variable episodes touching entropy people; energy people? Inventory your personal standard of mm/max survival-efficiency behaviors.
21.What peripheral data processing can you control into greater effic­iency to increase/maximize your automatic creative processes? Your best inter-personal behaviors? Your decision—making process salted out into policy certainties to change Bad Life into the truly Good Life?
22.Discuss the relative importance of peripheral data processing in lower species and in the human organism. Discuss the relative importance of central data processing in lower species and in the human organism. Discuss the relative importance of consciousness/un­consciousness in lower species and in the human organism.
23.(53) “Cortical data processing.” “Cortex—looping” is the unemotion­al processing of self/environment data for the optimum survival/­happiness of the human organism. Such data comes from--is supposed to come from——the public schools. Discuss which data, from kinder—garten to college, was specifically presented to your cortex to be computed into life-understanding/life_mastering/life_loving automatic behaviors. How much of the vast bulk of data you consumed was not so related to self/life? How do you feel about having consumed zero nutrition garbage?
24.How does “cortex-looping” differ from the processing of emotions in the thalamus--“thalamus-looping”? (Thalamus will be described later in Chapter VII.) In the training/disciplining/imprinting of your cortex neurons, did the conventional public school care about the real feelings you concomitantly experienced while passively/obediently submitting to such permanent brain welding? Do schools teach education of the emotions? Are your current teachers emotionally qualified to teach education of the emotions? If education of the emotions becomes a new fad in the public schools, how will the State test and certify those teachers emotionally qualified to so teach? Are the emotions part of intelligence? Are the emotions a separate form of intelligence? If the schools teach emotions, how will/should they educate for the emotions of sex? If the schools are not now educating the emotions, what effect does this pretense that “emotions simply do not exist” have on the future happiness of the individual? On the future loyalty of the citizen? What change would you recommend? How do you propose to cause such change actually to happen? If you cannot cause such change to happen in a reasonable amount of time within the conventional tax supported institutions of America what alternatives do you have to improve the fate of unborn generations? Do you have the integrity and dignity and courage to follow this line of thought through to action to successful conclusion? Per—severus.
25.(53) “Language.” What various forms of computer language are in existence? What various forms of inter-personal language communicate accurate messages? What is body-language? What is pre-verbal communication? How. does one form of language succeed in achieving a desired result while another form fails? What does this suggest to you in terms of mastering many languages, each a separate and unique tool unto itself; each solving a separate and unique category of human problems? What kind of language can you invent to improve over current Americanese? What kind of language can you invent to improve over current Educanto? What kind of language can you invent to guide child toward brain self-control? Homo Novus?
26.What is the language of primal nature? What is primal nature trying to say to you, if you will but learn to listen?

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