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Chapter IV (55)
Automatic Control Circuits


1.How much of evolution is automatic and how much self-willed?
2.What is the first principle which controls the automatic nature of DNA continuity and superior mutation occurrence?
3.Is all mutation “better” than the inbred conformity of the parents? What is hybrid cross-breeding?
4.(55) Describe a reflex action as a non self—controlled circuit. As a self—controlled circuit. When is it to your behavioral advantage to practice the transfer of an unconscious reflex reaction into conscious self—control? When is it to your advantage to transfer a conscious self—controlled reflex reaction into sub—threshold/unconscio­us/automatic behavior? Inventory a list of daily time/energy consuming behaviors which could be simplified into greater efficiency by re­training and transferring each into unconscious, routine reflex actions. Create an ideal reflex economy to yield minimum stress and maximum health (56).
5.(56) What is the function and importance of oscillation within the whole nerve system? Between cooperative sub—systems within the brain-body? Between individuals? Between individuals and institutions on the planet? Between planets, galaxies, within universe?
6.How many octaves of wave oscillation exist within reality? How many octaves can your sensors perceive? Give examples of perceiving wave oscillations just at the edge/beyond the “normal” limits of human sensing. Discuss ranges of sensing beyond measurable human limits within other species. Relate this to Syllabus Basic—I. Design a program of experiments to expand oscillation perception beyond normal human ranges. How can children be educated to preserve innately given sensory powers up to the age of self-determination, to determine if the human organism in fact has been given more power--- which is extinguish­ed by mis-education? - How can current children be educated to expand available sensory perception outside the schools? To experience what? What is the advantage in terms of loving life more?
7.What instruments measure oscillation/wave—motion? How can these be designed into the school of the future to expand awareness of envi­ronment into which human potential can expand experience? What stand­ards and specification sheets can you write to demonstrate and prove expansion of subjective oscillation sensitivity/perception?
8.What rhythms in your day-to-day behaviors synchronize to yield the feeling of happiness? What rhythms are dysfunctioning to yield brain-body friction/dis-ease/breakdown/unhappiness? Design a neural economy to reduce dysfunction and increase perfection. Does such change involve increased complexity or simplicity of behavior?
9.(58) What is the value of brain feedback loops to your best balance between self and environment? Define “feed—forward” loops. How can you feed-forward your brain-mind into noos-sphere? How can you prove contact between the two systems? How can you systematically discipline and self—control your feedback loops so as to improve your feed-forward performance? For self-defense, survival, in hostile environment?
10.(60) Describe the computer-control behavior of the brain in -terms of motor responses; digital computations; analog computations; transcendental computations; binary computations.
11.(61) Describe the physiological form that neuronal information takes in a matrix of neurons prior to becoming part of a behavioral action.
12.What equipment organization of material objects in your. self-controlled environment would yield the maximum efficiency for your brain-body generating primary creative production? What prevents you from creating such an optimum learning/production environment?
13.(62) Complex, coordinated patterns of muscular/glandular activity, involving automatic/continuous control by the brain, terminate in maximum efficiency work which guarantees to the self maximum security/­comfort/survival. Describe how such patterns are mind-jerked in your daily behaviors to terminate in inferior behaviors. How can you design a lifestyle with decreasing mind-jerk/mind-fuc/mimd-shit?
14.(62) How are stored programs of sub-routine behaviors physiologic­ally stored in the specific neurons of your “memory library”? How are these called forth, retrieved, at necessary moments; upon self-willed demand; via automatic creative burbling up? Which of these behavioral sub-routines are DNA/genetically encoded? Which are force—learned by orders from culture/society? Which self—learned?­
15.(63) Describe the reticular activating system. v~here located?
16.(65) Give examples of how the reticular activating formation acts in response—selection and voltage volume control; automatically; by self—willed control.
17.(65) Discuss the reticular -formation as a servo-mechanism.
18.(66) Give examples of how your ego toughly-regulates position—control through the reticular formation, holding a position you “know” to be right despite massive external force-of-persuasion attemp­ting to cause you to deviate into another direction of behavior. When is this good; when bad? How do you know the difference?
19.(67) Is it possible to form a lesion in living tissue by means other than cutting? Is it possible to form lesions along a child’s neural circuits by improper nursery/school/society teaching? If so, to what consequence? How do lesions interfere with electric circuit efficiency? With behavioral goodness? With citizen patriotism?
20.What does cauterize mean? What is chemical cautery? Could there be such a thing as synapse cautery? Could massive overdose of drugs do it?
21.What diagnostic and prescriptive use in your neural cybernetic jargon do the following phrases have?: Circuit -blowout. Short circuiting. Open circuit; closed circuit. Back burn. Back firing.
22.Can lesions be dissolved? How? Discuss the possibility of neurotic circuit lesions being dissolved by chemotherapy. What clot dissolvers are used to work in the bloodstream?
23.(68) What is the relationship between hormones secreted by the glands of the endocrine system and thought-production? Feeling— production? 23* How can you tell when a prostitute is happy? (When you hear the hormone.) ((Joke, that is. Gotta keep this wisdom from getting too heavy mongst all these geniuses.))
24.Discuss the-—whell, back to work again—-- the probability that the reticular formation is the supreme decision-making center; the ultimate authority within the brain; the chairman of -the executive organ.
25.How can a future evil society electronically/educationally control the reticular formation of individual citizens? Design step by step procedures for achieving such control within today’s given techno­logy and human behavior; for counter-freeing. Write a law that such shall never come -to pass.
26.Discuss how desired work priority settings can be self-conditioned into the reticular activating system. How undesired priori-ties of living life can be culturally-conditioned in; how you can remove these.
27.Discuss the refining function of the value-judging process and the decision-making process interacting within the reticular formation. Draw a schematic diagram. How can these neural functions be improved to yield maximum efficiency and benefit in all thought/feeling actions?
28.(69) Discuss stress and its effect upon the reticular activating system; upon the decision-making process; upon survival.
29.Inventory stressors. How does external environment-caused stress relate to internal sex impotence? To internal energy force field collapse and disease? To internal frustration/hostility/violence? How can an ideal environment be designed to generate maximum sexual/orgasm pleasure? Describe maximum orgasm. Define the function of sex in optimum creative process; in optimum human behavior.
30.(71) What are the physical parameters of the human potential?
31.Describe the perfect society for encouraging and nurturing each individual to grow to the physical parameters of his/her human potential. Is it happening in USA? USSR? Where?
32.(72) Discuss nature’s wisdom in not trusting I1~an to take over the whole brain potential at once just because he recently acquired his “higher intellectual capabilities.” What are these? How recently have they been acquired? How do they relate to the old rootstem Killer type instincts? What do you imagine they will become now that our evolution is accelerating through brain self-control? What really vital functions now under automatic/unconscious control will be the first to yield to self—willed control?
33.(72) How many of your “higher intellectual activities” are just romantic poetic hobbies and not real relevant to fundamental functioning of the organism?


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