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Chapter V (74)
Permanently Wired-In Behavior


1.(74) How can you verify via biologic/evolutionary evidence that Nan is an animal and not a uniquely perfect creation of God? Is the evidence proof or probability? How does this affect the teaching of sociology, politics and teachers?-
2.How much direct extrapolation is valid between behavioral evidence of animal neurons tested by cutting and human behavior restricted from such direct scalpel experimentation? Why? Do you have any doubts that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.
3.(75) Which of your stereotyped patterns of automatically triggered muscular responses, your reflexes, are innate and which learned?
4.What patterns of automatic reflexes/tropisms are built into the infant by culture from birth to the age of self-determination? Give examples of different cultures. Which can be un-learned via conscious intelligence self—therapy?
5.Explain in terms of the physics and chemistry of the neuron how a permanently wired-in reflex circuit is so formed into a behavioral trait within your basic personality structure, How is it shaped into its final formation by the genetic code and by cultural values?
6.What are instincts? What are Man’s instincts? What instincts of what animals does Man have; not have? What is the difference between an instinct and a reflex?
7. What effect upon instincts/reflexes do you experience in primal nature as compared to their being experienced in the urban environ­ment? Why?
8.Document the subtle voltage variations you can feel while transferring a formerly automatic/unconscious reflex into conscious self—control.
9.Discuss how the subtle control voltages of a culturally abused/violated instinct/reflex can be re—controlled by self—willed behavior into ramified behaviors of better personality structure. Discuss how you can re-imprint your self so such re-learned behavior is transfered from constantly conscious attention, thus consuming extra time/energy, into unconscious/automatic reflex.
10.(75) Inventory your avoidance reactions against various people and events.
11.(75) Are your peripheral sensors properly educated and tuned to sense and compute alarm as preparation for fight-or-flight at sub-threshold voltage without conscious attention/awareness in your central brain? Examples. What advantage to survival in the sophisti­cated jungle of today? What effect upon paranoia and creativity if attention/awareness of environmental dangers is constantly conscious?
12.A conspicuous behavioral action is the terminal muscular result of many matrices of neurons summing cooperatively. If any behavior does not go from point A to point Z in direct linear evolution, uncon­scious inhibitors are intruding on the smooth flow-of circuit energy. Internal friction is wasting precious energy; destroying circuits; hastening pre-mature destruction of brain. The symptom of such dis-ease is “brain—jerk.” Stuttering. “Like...like...man...man...you know...you know...you know...” Count the number of “you knows” in a person’s normal talk and you will have a quantified measurement of lateral breakdown of the linear circuit into side entropies. You will see the-disease of inner circuitry. If left to metastasize untreated, like routine cancer, brain—jerk eventually will rot self—confidence to fear; to paralysis of the will; to energy force field collapse.

To start self-therapy, inventory your brain-jerk symptoms; gross behav­iors. Analyze each back to the one or two inhibition matrices in your basic cognitive fix of infancy or secondary adolescent fix, What traumatic experience forced you to relate self to environment/life in an un-natural way, thus forcing all future growth matrices to be filtered through this remembered negative censor?

An inhibition matrix grows like a sore across the straight line circuit of your cortex-loop, thalamus-loop, decision—making—loop and sex—loop, thus forcing side shunting to get around the point of broken neural connection.

Define how the true/beautiful/good thought impulse should travel in a straight line. Draw a schematic diagram. Invent you symbolic diagnos­tic and prescriptive terminology on the schematic, Draw the sub-syst­ems computing sub-routines within elemental neuron matrices computing binary yes/no programs, which are shunted into component circuits, which are shunted into the main system circuit, which terminates in final yes/no decision, which causes final muscle/gland action. Place in the schematic your identified matrix of neurons causing your identified brain-jerk/mind--jerk. Indicate deviation of energy flow.

Design a self-disciplined action therapy either to remove the neural carbuncle from the circuit by de-conditioning, or to switch its input axons into blocked, open—switch, non electricity—receiving position.

(In electrical terminology, this is to “open” the circuit; to open a gap so the electricity cannot flow across. To “close” a circuit is to complete the material gap so electricity flows continuously. Be care­ful in the confusion of these terms when making opposite descriptions of “closing off a sub-system from the main circuit”-—— which is done by opening a switch and shunting flow away, not through.)

Record the daily control voltages required to so keep the inhibitor matrix neutralized; to so keep the switch open. Record the daily con­trol voltages required to keep the side—shunting switch closed so the behavioral pattern goes around the rotted matrix and forms a new matrix. Record the time it takes to “groove in” this new circuit patch. Record the time it takes for this by—pass patching to transfer from conscious control to sub-threshold/ unconscious/ automatic control. Consider applying this procedure to organs and glands.
13.(78) What is the difference between a tropism and a reflex?
14.(79) Which stored programs of behavior within your self can you change? Can you not change? What variations of the- above therapy procedure can you design and apply to increase the efficiency of self-extinguishing unwanted behavioral traits?
15.What species connected peculiarities of behavior can you observe between Homo Urbanus and Homo Naturalus?
16.(80) Classify humans by behavioral characteristics; innate,learned.
17.(80) Discuss child’s ability to learn in terms of inhibiting/nurtur­ing indoctrination by parents. By teachers. By TV. How will you be different when it comes time for you to assume the responsibility of shaping the life of another human being? How the same?
18.(82) Write a case study of how one of your behavioral patterns was specifically and in detail built up from your birth, Interview your living parents, siblings, grandparents, others with tape recorder and script -to start your personal behavioral history library.
19.(83) What signals from others trigger you into automatic positive/negative reaction? What signals do you unconsciously give through body language to cause others automatically to react positively toward you or negatively against you? Which will you change? How?
20.(84) What trigger mechanisms are involved in your signaling behaviors? Inventory your positive and negative signals?
21.(84) Describe a multi-staged behavior in your personality, traced back to your learned/innate library of sub-routines. How does this influence the permanent fix of relationship between your self and a soulmate? Between your self and environmental authorities/experts who influence/control your fate/destiny?
22.(85) How much of your behavior is machine-like and how much is self—willed? What does this suggest about “happiness”?
23.(85) Inventory the specific situations which trigger within you standardized patterns of responses.
24.(85) Inventory the inherited characteristics transmitted to you from your parents. Culturally trained-in.
25.(86) What intelligence in nature prepares the DNA/genetic blueprint in sperm/egg that terminates in intelligent you? Are all men created equal?
26.(87) Why does Man dare to presuppose that he can create a society of institutions which oscillates in harmony with or which grinds against the thousand-volume library of genetic manufacturing instruc­tions which have created your unique self? What alternative?
27.What is the relationship between the DNA code and the universe?
28.(88) Discuss the difference between the real business of fabrica­tion of men into institutions and society so as to be harmonious with the innate genetic code, and Utopian theories based upon no first principles. Discuss the movements: Hip, Free School, Consciousness.
29.(91) How do mutations occur? By what criterion do you judge that a mutation is either good or bad?
30.Discuss the possibility that -today’s accelerating evolutionary events might be creating a new genetic strain of Homo Novus. What evidence would you suggest we look for in a systematic, empirical way?
31.Do a holy man and a holy woman breed true to create a holy child?
32.(92) What effect upon embryonic growth do you suspect is caused by a cigarette smoking mother? Alcoholic? Drug?
33.(92) Since a new strain of evolutionary mutation starts out as a tiny minority element within the gross population of’ the same species system, do you think the “Consciousness Education Movement” eventually will dominate or be re-absorbed by Middle America? By the capitalist economy system? Relate to the first followers of Christ. Of Hitler. Lenin. Tim Leary. Eldridge Cleaver. Other thought mutants?
34.(93) In the three generations since Marxist Social Darwinism creat­ed the “New Soviet Man,” discuss whatever evidence we now have of his superiority or inferiority to Free Enterprise Man--enlightened self—interest; voluntary associations; democratic process. How is creativity enhanced by one or the other ideology system? Which has greater ultimate survival value in historic time?
35.(93) What is Lamarckism? Lysenkoism?
36.Give an example of reductionism whereby a complex nebula of scien­tific first principles is reduced to a simple, valid teaching procedure. Is reduced to an absurdity. (Reductio ad absurdam.)
37.Is it absurd to assume that the complex behavior of the brain can be reduced to increasing self-control? How does this relate to Calvinist pre-destiriation? To Luther? To the Protestant Ethic? To the current Youth Protest Ethic? To the Maoist Ethic? -
38.Is aggressiveness/hostility/violence genetically—determined or culturally-learned through frustration? What institutional changes would you recommend to implement your choice so as to create non-warring populations? What effect upon creativity? Upon evolution? Survival? The New Learning Society?
39.Is Man innately loving and cooperative within a controlled popula­tion and production environment, thereby making possible Social­istic Society, or is he innately motivated only by the emotions of fear and greed, thereby requiring Capitalistic Society of perpetual competition to insure species survival by constantly testing each individual under the market mechanism: Survival of the Fittest?
40.(96) What past conceptions of the nature of human nature, of human behavior, now seem fantastically naive when compared to current first principle knowledge of’ brain? What was the first principle understanding of’ human motivation--of what motivated a man and a woman to do an/any action--during the time of educating your parents? Grandparents? Jefferson? Crusades? Christ? Aristotle and Socrates? Neanderthal? Which of today’s conceptions/understandings will be laughed out of school by your grandchildren? How quaint.
41.How many volts/watts does it take an individual to persuade himself to choose a life-right decision of action rather than a life-wrong decision of action? What does this say about the incredibly small amount of electric energy required to change a man from suicide to growth perfection? To change a society from suicide to growth perfection? How can moral leaders create/control the moral education which teaches child brain self-control into self-perfection and society-perfection? What is the first step of a thousand you will take to be one of those moral- leaders into the future?

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