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Chapter VI (98)
Electrical Nature of Conscious Mental Processes

1.By what unit of scientific measurement are thoughts and feelings observed/stated/documented? Increased/decreased? What does this suggest about the relation of brain function to the ordinary laws of electric behavior? How does consciousness fit into the unified field theory of life you are going to invent? What new instrumentation can you imagine soon must be invented to explore this frontier deeper, more subtly and with greater precision for prediction and control?
2.Why does the brain produce waves?
3.What is the work done by brain waves?
4.What is sensitivity? How does it vary from day to day? Hour to hour? Why? Describe a -9 volt thought/feeling; a +9 volt; -lO/+lO. Create a sensitivity scale to document your daily sensitivity number plotted into a weekly sensitivity curve.
5.Is electricity thought? Feeling?
6.What events do you remember vividly from past years now understood to have been moments of high sensitivity? Which good and which bad memories? How can you cause more good events soon to happen to you to be more highly sensitized for more efficient memory storage/retrieval for future more joyous referral/matrixing? How can you cause bad events to be de-sensitized, de-energized and junked-out for removal of fear/guilt/shame elements in your inhibited brain computer? What value of this to neural power accounting?
7.(98) How might the periodicities of brain wave relate down to DNA― molecule oscillation and up to planetary/universe oscillation?
8.How small an energy potential has today’s science been able to measure with newly invented instrumentation? What instruments can you imagine will be measuring what new energy sources tomorrow? Create a unified field theory to account for all energy forms beyond that of Einstein’s E = mc2. Describe an experiment to test your theory.
9.(99) What is the process of’ cultural lag wherein a new fact of reality is not immediately transfered from meta-physic to physic? Examples. Which of today’s neural notions do you hunch will become tomorrow’s working hypotheses; the day after tomorrow’s facts; next week’s standardized teaching procedure in the public schools? How can you anticipate their coming and prepare your self to be ahead of
others in accepting them? In preparing curriculum, teaching methodol­ogy and evaluation to transmit them to the young? How can you fluidly design the school of the future to start operation now?
10.Invent a humane alternative to insulting integrity by pushing electrodes into a human brain to measure scientific data.
11.(99) Discuss the difference between “state of mind”- and “state of brain.”
12.You have by now received the special mimeo statement, “Plotting Your Sensitivity Curve.” How can you refine its measuring and predicting value from the graph information on page 100 of MOB?
13.(101) Develop, describe, systematize and standardize a method of synchronous self-forced driving of brain voltages up or down, What is the value of learning such a skill? Draw a schematic-diagram of the circuit. Invent a neural algebra of symbols to indicate sub-system matrices of neurons shunted in and out of the circuit; behavioral variations; energy of neurosis freed from inhibited matrices and flowed into the circuit for new creation.
14.What specific human group has best perfected the technique of synchronous forced driving down of brain wave activity? What value to them? What value beyond theirs is demonstrable?
15.(103) How can periods of high sensitivity of brain wave production be caused by properly structuring external environment? How can such increased sensitivity be measured; demonstrated objectively?
16.(103) Give examples of nature inefficiency?
17.(104) What is the difference between hooking up circuits in series and in parallel?
18.(104) What is amplitude? Read a chapter on wave characteristics in a high school physics book. (Take the course again; rightly.)
19.(104, 105) Discuss the possibility of fundamentally different brain wave patterns between a working middle-class American businessman and a happy Zen gardener; in terms of non-synchronous divergence and synchronous “suchness.”
20.(104) What is a timing-pulse in wave behavior? How can you systematically understand those within you to begin control procedures to increase your primary creative production?
21.(105) Describe a situation wherein the timing―pulse goes wild. Epilepsy
22.Would the world have been better if the epilepsy of the great men on page 106-bottom had been cured in childhood?
23.Can the psychic expansion into higher states of consciousness be achieved through the good beginning of an epileptic surge without exceeding maximum threshold into final spasms? Can the mm/max thresh­olds of epilepsy be described and controlled to cause pure psychic expansion? How?
24.What huge, slow, rolling waves of voltage have you experienc­ed without going beyond into epileptic seizure? How can you cause these to re-occur naturally by conscious self-willing? How can you design and place limiting factors to prevent exceeding limits into uncontrolled spasm? What insight does this give you about the relative position of madmen and saints? What insight does this- give you about brain dormancy-and the natural function of’ higher orders of goods?
25.(108) Inventory some of the redundancy built into the brain.
26.(109) Discuss a possible relation-between epilepsy spreading to healthy tissue and cancer doing the same. The relation between psychosomatic disease and irrational stress. Discuss the relation between psycho and soma; neuro and soma; brain and body. Is “psycho” an obsolete term?
27.(110) Why does the more sensitive person suffer more in current society? Who “succeeds” better in achieving the rewards of college/money/status, the sensitive-growing or sensitive-dying individual? ho succeeds better in achieving life fulfillment? How should values/institutions/society be re-contemplated, re-designed and re-ordered to encourage, not discourage, increasing human sensitivity?
28.(110) What do you suspect is the relation between the convulsive process and the creative process? How can it be incorporated in a good way into the school of the future? How is convulsion a part of today’s mass mis-education in a bad way? What alternative does a parent have? How is convulsive “shock―therapy” used in mental hospitals? How can it be used in political “cure” of protesting deviants? USSR?
29.(110) Discuss the possibility/danger of society/authorities/experts diagnosing higher states of consciousness/creativity in child as being “hopelessly insane” and forcing shock-therapy to bring such a mutant down to “normalcy.” Is such already on-going, in small but growing form, in -the publics schools? Discuss the dynamic of sufficient number of parents not protesting, thus giving tacit sanction to the mind-dullers to expand their territory into the private territory of child. What are you going to do about it?
30. What standard can you collate to describe higher states of sanity and what democratic procedure can you initiate to cause this to bewritten in-to law to protect future generations of geniuses? Inventory the polar norms of behavior, normality/insanity, as they are now accepted by conventional society; as the society of the future will view them. Can you start public dialog into this universe of discourse? Can you engage the crucial interest of a school district school board in -this matter? Do you know how to do the simple public―relations press-release techniques which start public dialog as the first step to start institutional change democratically?
31.(iii) What is the ramified effect upon higher states of conscious­ness and what is the social consequence of the saturation neural bombardment by the mass media upon American children from infancy on? How does -the U.S.S.R. program its children during these crucial first years? What consequence upon the resultant adult’s maturity?
32.At this point of your understanding, write a comprehensive description of how a thought is formed in brain tissue, inventing whatever concepts and dynamics you need without apology.
33.(112) How does awe/ecstasy/clairvoyance come out of brain tissue? How can it be encouraged and nurtured to come out more? Do you remember when it came out during your childhood and how it was driven back in to hide because of insult? How can you remove those inhibitors and bring back the feeling-knowing that such brain production is natural, good and worthy of loving nurture?

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