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Chapter VIII (145)
Personality and Speech; Frontal Lobes


Frontal Lobes

1.(145) What fraction of the whole cortex is commandeered by the dormant frontal lobes? What about the tissue underneath the bark?
2.(145) In terms of human potential, discuss: “In evolutionary development.., nowhere has more growth occurred than in these frontal lobes.” What can you do to get beyond the damn forever talk-talk-talk-talk of visionary castrates and into the most powerful action of history: designing and creating a comprehensive brain-based school to start circuiting infants into this gift of life? Describe.
3.What can you do to stop the school which blatantly murders in defenseless child all hope of’ ever experiencing whole brain ecstasy?
4.Inventory the factors of life harmonious intelligence.
5.(145) Describe the difference between higher intellectual processes and lower intellectual processes. What higher intellectual processes still may be dormant above the currently highest demonstra­ble intellectualization? What quirk freaks throughout history have demonstrated some spectacular skill of thought production? V/hat does this suggest to you about routine education of genius?
6.(145) What are sensorimotor processes? How much of the cerebral hemisphere do they take up? How much of the cerebral cortex?
7.Describe the location of the visual cortex. Describe the location of the motor strip. Describe the function of the cortical surface in front of the motor strip.
8.Take a simple walk along a solitude mountain trail. Speak out loud each sensory input and each motor/muscle output, touching the specific part of brain causing each specific computation. awe.
9.(145) If there is no direct evidence that the frontal lobes are specifically involved in any of the physical or intellectual processes of the body, and if nature does not waste time placing so much tissue in position for zero use, write a series/matrix of hypotheses to account for this phenomenon. Design a ruthless, yet scientifically rigorous, experiment that an omnipotent dictator could do upon helpless human guinea pigs to understand finally frontal lobes. If such an experiment tan be designed with almost total certainty of discovering the full use of frontal lobes, will you volunteer to be the pioneer subject? Would a ho1y man volunteer? A hippie? A revolutionary? An outspoken humanist? Design an ethical experiment to learn something about frontal lobes.
10.(147) What do aptitude test-s test? Intelligence tests?
11.Have you ever felt any sensation, any pain or pleasure, in your frontal lobes? What is the pain in the forehead during a “headache”? During an alcoholic hangover? Are these euphemisms not in fact covering over something of more profound significance?
12.Do you know of any evidence of measurement of activity in the frontal lobes of a child, which may or may not be blocked or cauterized in later life?
13.What form of search―-not re-search--into this area would you recommend the National Science Foundation fund and encourage? Design a backward research and forward search facility for frontal lobe exploration. Should. it be located in the city or in primal nature? Why? If primal nature is crucial to discovering the way to release frontal lobe dormancy, what consequences to mankind’s survival that soon all wilderness will be polluted and destroyed? What action does this suggest?
14.(150) If frontal lobotomy “cures” an unmanageable, “psychotic” individual of obsessive concern about self and society, of growing criticism against injustice, and of less restrained violence against power leaders, discuss this as political surgery. How could the process be simplified for mass multiplication to the needs of 1984? If frontal lobes are supposed to be dormant, how cum cutting them “cures” something?
15.151) What is “Spirit?” “Spiritual qualities?” “Spiritual communi­cation?” To repeat repeat repeat repeat, if science has found no function--physical, intellectual, emotional-― for the front 50% of the cerebral cortex (not to mention the pound of meat underneath!), why is it there? And while we’re at it, why are the stars there? And why the Lifeforce? And why not love?
16.(151) Wooly sez: “If the frontal lobes are cut out, no specific function is destroyed.” Discuss this in terms of Man’s current inability to invent instrumentation which measures higher states of’ reality/communication. Discuss this in terms of the possibility of function indeed being destroyed by the social “cutting out” of frontal lobe health within dehumanizing civilization; from childhood on.
17.Define the difference between brain and mind. Discuss the possibility (hypothesis) of’ the existence of a universal mind-sphere, noos-sphere, and the verifying experimentation you would require to believe it. Is faith in such enough?
18.Assume the frontal lobes are valid evolutionary advances in Man’s potential. Describe the next order of computing capacities you might expect from them.
19.On 152, Wooldridge discusses the uncomfortable feeling which brain/computer scientists experience because they can see no possible scheme for the use of the frontal lobes~. Discuss this in terms of the myopia traditional among objective, conservative, professional scientists when confronted with the vastly dominant mysteries of the Lifeforce/universe/God. How does this affect the daring of their hypothesis-making ability to set up truly revolutionary frontal lobe tests? What does this say to you if you are contemplating entering, competing with and winning over this field of search? Would conventional agencies of funding give you money to pursue your wild genius? How must you prepare yourself educationally?
20.If the energy/force/power of frontal lobes is in fact releasable, discuss the arithmetic of this positive in terms of hydrogen bomb negatives.



21.(153) What is the relative importance of speech in the transmission of human intelligence? How unimportant? Discuss the survival consequences to a school dropout who stops reading, builds no vocab­ulary armamentorium of underlined words, practices no daily writing of essays, and degenerates into grunt talk. How much of he be thee?
22.(153) Inventory the various languages observable within nature.
23.How efficient is the system of symbols and meanings of your current vocabulary/language in communicating the comprehensive scope of reality so as to grow into greater sensing/experiencing of that reality? How do you choose to improve?
24.(154) Describe how an “idea” is formed in a matrix of neurons.
25.Discuss the possibility of “Idea―Prints,” like unique finger prints/lip-prints/aura-prints, being infused throughout the noos-sphere. Discuss the possibility of brain’s power to pick them out and compute them into higher genius production as physical maturation progresses.
26.(154) Which is your dominant hemisphere? How do you protect it from the increasing external danger of auto accident or flower pot droppage by fools? From the internal danger of epidemic gonococcus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and spirochete, Treponema pallidum?
27.How much of your speech is wasted time/energy via speech-jerk? Via imprecise vocabulary? Via talk with entropy fools?
28.(157) Describe a threatening experience of high emotion when your access to life-saving words was blocked. When it opened more and became more precision-intense with voice of command.
29.(158) Describe the method of associating all synonyms, conceptual similarities and emotional concomitants within the same integrated matrix of neurons of your memory library. What advantage?
30.(159) Since speech is an acquired function, and since speech is the first foundation building block to systematic intelligence for maximum environment survival, criticize the current American practice of abdicating these crucial first years of child development to the boob tube. How do the Russians train years 1 to 6? How would you do it? Have you read Piaget? If over 50% of intelligence is fixed within the first 6 years--the Basic Cognitive Fix―-what then does public education “educate”?
31.(162) If the cortex is but the organ of elaboration and refinement, how does this make you feel about your vaunted power of will? Of conscious choice? What does this suggest to you about creating a lifestyle of’ maximum harmony within automatic natural law and minimum stress from society’s artificial law? What prevents you from becoming Homo Naturalus?
32.(163) What is the advantage to superior thought-production and superior feeling production to return, at least once in your waning life, to the wilderness――to Thoreau’s Walden Pond-―there to experience total solitude? Could you stand your Self snowbound alone for an entire winter within a warm, well-stocked mountaintop cabin? If a person cannot stand himself, in silence, how dare he impose his boorish personality/character upon others? What does this tell you about “friendship” in the urban herd? “Soulmating?” “Love?” What happens when two incompatible strangers are forced to last out a winter in the same cabin? In a marriage? Will the sanctity of solitude be available for future generations if the population explosion continues? If the pollution of wilderness continues? What effect upon the genera­tion of primary creative production? What effect upon the quality of life? Upon the quality of future population? What do you choose to do about it?
33.How much of your creative production is dissipated/wasted by forever talkingtalkingtalkiflg about your ideas of social change to one or more vaguely interested people, rather than writing them down and publishing them to be selectively distributed among the thousands intensely interested? What pre-creative value is there in talking out your raw ideas with empathetic/energizing friends? How-many of your friends are such? How many of’ your acquaintances are but energy-suck entropies feeding upon your ideas as entertainment; not even using them to nurture their non-productive growth? How can you set up the best possible community of communication to generate maximum primary creative production in all--to each, according to his needs; from each, according to his means?

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