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Neural Cybernetics


Brain self—control aims at the goal of:

1.Physical body nutrition, health, self-healing, orgasm gradient;
2.Intellectual creative problem solving, primary creative production;
3.Emotional joy/meaning allness at-onement with each reality experience
4.Spiritual transcendence to higher states of consciousness expansion.


Brain self-control achieves goal via the methodology of:

1.Master the cold facts of elemental neurology, Machinery Of Brain
2.Master the known functional inter-relations of brain parts;
3.Master the physics of science within the dominant meta-physics;
4.Hypothesize/extrapolate/experiment beyond.


Brain self—control goods:

1.Health, happiness, productivity, love;
2.Courage, decision, work, lifestyle;
3.Social commitment, work, society change;
4.Genius beyond current frontiers of knowledge.


Brain self-control starts with the two primordial fundamentals:

1.Primal nature
2.Primal child.

Child within nature is the fundamental unit of Lifenergy/Lifeforce/life— power. All flows from this life principle as second principle: society education, meaning, ecstasy.

Child within nature is the fundamental metaphor of self-therapy. Be again as child:


Plus science.

Scientific child within nature rationally can invent a science of self-experiencing which measures and quantifies a quality of life so it can be self—controlled and predicted to rise on an endless gradient into the vastly dormant human potential.

T.D. Lingo
Laughing Coyote Mountain
Black Hawk, Colorado
1 June 71


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