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The purpose of studying The Machinery of the Brain by Dean E. Wooldridge, is to understand the best available physics explaining the meta-(beyond)­physics of brain/consciousness/life/universe. The purpose of such understanding is to demonstrate increasing brain self—control. (Editors Note: The Machinery of the Brain can be found quite easily at most used book stores or at www.amazon.com)

The purpose of the following apparatus of questions, commentaries, and suggestions is to guide you into self—discovery of self-verified brain powers beyond those currently accepted by reasonable men and mass education.

The purpose of the following questions is not to test you to see if you have understood the basic data. That is your responsibility. Only those individuals who truly want to master known brain to go beyond can preserve their curiosity and drive through the course into the next life-long phase of self—teaching.

Above all, the purpose of the course is but to start you in this field of endless study and wonder. Thus, accept or reject suggestions freely if your reason and experience offer superior modifications of the terminal lab experiments herein. Supplementary lab experiments will be designed intuitively from your feedback; will be drawn from the mimeo file filled with past designations. Write your own book beyond Wooldridge and Lingo when you are ready to outgrow.

In short, the apparatus questions aim to be guides stimulating your own creative invention of your own self-testing laboratory experiments to self-discover your latent brain powers. Whenever an insight is triggered by Wooldridge’s data, develop some sort of formula reaction method of documenting the insight for future testing. Examples

Wooldridge (Lingo) sez:
I relate -this to me thusly:
I hunch the following behavioral change in me is possible:
My working hypothesis shall be:
My controlled experiment shall be,
My standard of verification shall be:
Predictability shall be incorporated into my life policy thusly:

The purpose of relentlessly relating all new learning to your supreme philosophy of life is to improve your decision—making process backward and forward; backward into self—therapy of inhibitors blocking the emergence of your automatic creative process; forward into observation/interpretation/integration of self with environment. New, better action is the work. New, better future freedom is the motivation to perform the action. Pure, neuronal living is the reward.



Your study skills into specific knowledge’s have been developed through The Iron Book and the Syllabus Of Survival. Now you finally will develop your study skills into all knowledge’s. The single cri­terion is; How does this data bit fit into my overall work of creating my unique lifestyle? From the specific ~ data, th~ following goulash is offered for you to slurp through, picking out those goodies which best fit your method of digesting the information for life energy.

1.Synopsis. What does the chapter say? Write a 1, 2, and/or sentence crystallization of the facts & relevancies therein.
2.What is your emotional reaction after discovering this chapter?
3.What words did you dictionary refine to precision tools?
4.Which salient facts/ideas/relationships/consequences stimulated you to dialog a side essay?
5.Since brain is still mostly unknown to science, constantly hypothe­size on the possibility still Waiting to be released from the vast dormancy. Invent reasonable techniques for discovering/demonstrating/using these.
6.Invention of your own brain program: Which facts suggest brain self-control procedures you might invent for your self? New strategies, tactics, therapies, experiences, defenses, actions, beings?
7.Since Man’s aggression/violence is the ultimate danger ...to planetary survival, what in the chapter gave you insight into the understand­ing/control of human aggression/violence? How does brain~ neuron/tissue generate aggression? How can aggression be ritualized in harmony with neurological principle and diverted from direct inter-personal death?

8.The current state of science cannot answer the following three questions, but you keep them focused in attention so as to evolve your own working theory, thereby “salting them out” to quiet, intuitive understanding in memory library storage; so they do not constantly irritate you sub—consciously:
How is a “thought” formed in brain tissue?
Why does brain meat “think/feel” and steak meat not?
What is consciousness?
Dare to conceptualize your personal tentative answers within the ultimate framework of “STEM—C”: the four sure (fifth unsure) elements which combine into all components found within the ultimate system, Universe:
Energy (How many different varieties?.)
Matter (:How many different varieties?)
Consciousness. (Perhaps there is a “noos—sphere,” mind—sphere like atmos, hydros, bios, geos. Read Pierre Telihard de Chardin on this.)
9.What is entropy? What is the relationship of entropy to energy within universe?
10.Start thinking in cybernetic terms of “system analysis” aimed at increasing understanding and beneficence of life:
A) Arrange all available data at hand.
B) Make tentative sub-system solutions and decisions.
C) Postpone final judgments without prejudice until all necessary and sufficient data are in hand.
D) Explore most efficient cost/benefit alternatives.
E) Act to start next step of growth.
11.Each system is composed of two or more relating components. Each component is composed of two or more relating elements.
12.What is data processing? What is cybernetics? Digital computation? Analog computation? Why does brain behave mechanically as an automatic homeostatic computer?
13.What is a matrix?
14.DPIM: Data Processing Inventory Matrix: The finite. matrix of words which explain to exhaustive understanding any vital idea or concept. To “DPIM” a nebulous idea like “love” or “reality” or “mind,” look up all definitions, synonyms and related concepts~ inventory them on a 3 x 5 card; file in your Master Code file case until needed for essay or book writing, DPIM all relevant new concepts within your evolving understanding of the inter-relatedness of all knowledges, experiences ad consciousnesses within primal nature/universe through the Lifeforce.
15.Develop your own neural cybernetic (NCy) shorthand code so you can-do the system analysis (SA) in quick, deft algebraic symbols for diagnostic problem solving. Develop your own neural algebra which demonstrably solves present and future problems better.
16.Design a data processing file system for organizing all relevant incoming knowledges; for effective cross reference and retrieval;as an external memory library freeing the internal for creative output,
17.Since bitching is easier and teaching is harder; since backward— looking criticism of a human event is easier than forward-creating improvement over the event, school/knowledge/teaching/learning is supreme over protest. At each stage through this work, answer:
How does this new information suggest an improvement in the curriculum of the school of the future I am going to create?

Design your comprehensive “0! See ME!”: 0/C/M/E: Objectives Curriculum Methodology Evaluation.
Design your OCME as you go along. Create the unrelated elements and components for later system—linking, Have a special section in your notebook for your school of the future. Start with its name.
18.Define creativity. How is creativity created in neuron/tissue/brain?
19.How can you re-write (re-program) any statement about brain/self/­life into binary form which can be tested to prove its true/false?
20.What is the difference between a fact and a notion? How can a notion—— hunch/intuition/hypothesis—— become a settled fact?
21.What is “knowing”? How do we “know”? What is know-ledge? Cognition What is the value of the concept, Basic Cognitive Fix (BCF)?
22.Describe Scientific Method of Inquiry (SMI), Humanistic Method of Inquiry (HMI.)
23.What is the method and importance of Instrumentation? Measurement? Quantification? Experimentation? Replication? Control? Prediction? (I’M QER Cop)
24.Define: Ratio, Ration. Rational, Relation. Proportion/Dispropor­tion. Function/Dysfunction.
25.Define: Factor, Develop the skill/habit of phrasing behavioral action statements in clear, simple neural algebraic form:X is a function of Y. X is a factor of Y, X f Y. Why?
26.Inventory/categorize the known/measurable/quantifiable energies/forces/powers within universe.
27.What is the relationship between energy, force, power?
28.Inventory the unknowns/mysteries of universe as system—analyzed and program-processed by the occult; astrology; religions;mysticism; drugs; madness.
29.How can elements of the known be related to each other to form larger knowing/understanding components of reality, and these related to the unknown mysteries to form... What? Examples.

30.What is the proportion of Man’s known facts to the unknown? How does this make you feel when standing on the mountain at night under the full stardome? How do tyrants think about such things?
31.Define reality. Illusion.
32.How much reality currently is defined to believable fact by the Scientific Method of Inquiry? How much of scientific fact is built upon assumptions which still are mysteries? Inventory.
33.Constant Laboratory Invention

The Science of Self-Experiencing (SOSE) is just emerging from the hundreds of years long mis-education of Man’s good intuitive instincts. The human animal, like all others, survives by the excellence of its instincts. “Objectivity—only” education assumes it knows all.., within the staggering mystery of brain/universe. Such hubris now demands its due: Man’s extinction. Yet does the instinct for survival burn and thrust within the few; the young; the leaderless youth revolt. Not within the old: those who earn salary by systematically polluting and subtly destroying the survival instincts subtly tuned to life. Our re-education of consciousness is re—turning to primal nature, there to re-nurture and re-free the human instinct for good. The dormant front­al lobes patiently await such return of the prodigal child.

The Science of Self—Experiencing re—teaches the good intuitive/instincts for wholeness and ailness. It is a wide open technique, available to genius and madman alike--- although the built-in self corrective mechanism prevents the latter from going as far as the former. Because of its individuality, this procedure cannot be foisted or forced upon another. Merely debated; persuaded. Thus, go crëative; go wild—-so long as you are willing to accept the full responsibility of your actions; so long as your actions do not force upon another the assuming of responsibility for you. For today’s “crazy” idea/hunch/­tryout becomes tomorrow’s working hypothesis/experiment/proof which becomes next week’s cultural education far next year’s evolution. You are at the forefront of vastly dormant brain; of a vast individual mission; of a vast revolution which barely perceives its own power potential in the voluptuous meat computer. So you are as free as any pioneer who dares to step beyond the known frontier. You are free to design your own SOSE/SMI as you choose.

For guideline to routine invention, keep in brain-mind the follow­ing procedure:
34.Since sleep is the key to unlocking the automatic homeostatic computer of brain (in neurotic young adult; not necessary in pure child), following the Sleep Chapter VII in Syllabus Of Survival, constantly be on the alert through Wooldridge for hints and insights which flash you into, designing a bed-sleep experiment to experience/measure/quantify/replicate/predict some actual feeling of ionic—volt exchange; some subtle control voltage clicking from positive to nega­tive; some Energy Farce Field (EFF) clicking from negative to positive (EFF-/EFF+) to generate automatically a positive/creative thought or feeling. Self—controlled, increased and chain-reacted, such a proce­dure turns the whole basic personality structure of brain-body from bad to good.
35.Once a lab experiment has been clarified -and believed through dialog and try-out purification, how can you harmonize it into your daily life as a routine behavior of prime importance? Why? What previously routine, en-tropic behaviors must be displaced?
36.How can insights gained through sleep experiments be shaped into a tool of automatic behavior to increase demonstrably your digital computation creativity? Later, your analog computation creativity? And later still, transcendental?
37.Design a Master-Coding System for your emerging Neural Cybernetic brain self-control.
38.“Authorities/experts/scientists” are supposed to be knowers—of—the— known; predictors—of—the—predictable; controllers—of—the—controll­able. Too frequently, however, because child is not educated to be his own authority controlling most of his own life, the population power vacuum has been filled disproportionately by these unnatural leaders. Too frequently they emphasize the known facts but without proper humble­ness of relating such to the enormity of the unknown within nature/life/ universe, Thus, the tyranny of science can say, as do the total materialists/mechanists, “Man is all; God is nothing. So:

Design an automatic bullshit sensor (porkypine? worm? fleashit?) and cutoff-switch behavioral mechanism which intuitively shunts some scientific facts into skepticism, there to re—question in the context of higher interrelations; there to re-relate the undeniably important fact of the larger, more humbling mystery of the unknown--- and this without falling into the opposite thought—trap of the total religionists saying, “God is all; Man is nothing. Be passive. Be obedient.” (And crush the child spirit which is not so!”) Design a philosophy of life, knowledge and inquiry between that of the USSR, USA and Catholicism.
39.To challenge, exercise and increase your habit/skill of creative invention, of creative problem solving, after reading each chapter and before reading these prepared questions, design your own list of questions and experiments. Guideline: Identify a relevant fact of brain which can be extrapolated into important happiness behavior and volt-up its importance by phrasing a question which leads up to the gap between fact and self, The excellence of the question causes the student to jump the gap into self—discovery insight; to “salt—out” two unrelated ideas into new relationship, and to file this settled, believable saltation in the memory library for future survival tool. The inexcellent question reflects the teacher unsure of himself; unsure of his self— control of life, hence, excessive self—justification tries to sledge— hammer the fact into the student without the valence bond of life—rele­vance. The inexcellent question can be self-judged by the automatic feeling~ of drudgery; by the feeling you are forcing your self to do the work. The excellent question causes endless ramified excitation hungering after more of everything: branching chain reaction: sensitivity/wonder/awe/spontaneity/enthusiasm, curiosity/imagination/playfulness, To be an exciting teacher is the highest human skill; the highest human Good within the learning society.

How would you re-write MOB/NCy for younger/older age groups?
What toy mechanisms can you invent to imprint various facts of natural neural behavior via play learning?
40.Final method: Maintain your wonder of it all. Increase your emotions about the delicate, fragile feeling you feel at each discovery of joy/meaning within self in love with life, Share your delight. Be delightful. Be fun to be with through this course.

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