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The supreme function of education is to guide the basic character structure of child into mature man, terminating in an individual who does not kill his fellow man, at worst; who does grow endlessly into the human potential for goodness at best.

Basic character structure is the brain tissue matrixing which sums into the morality of the individual toward his family, his community his society, his planet. Morality is the individual accepting the responsibility of his behavior toward others and of the behavior of others toward each other. Morality is made effective through the mechanisms of democracy. Indoctrination is the individual being forced to accept the responsibility of self and others, but toward goals and via means chosen by a superior authority.

Basic personality structure is the brain tissue matrixing which sums into the morality of the individual toward himself: his identity, his dignity, his integrity. His courage. The basic personality structure within any social system calling itself democratic must subtly balance the responsibility toward the self with the responsibility toward the group. If properly balanced, the endless human potential will be nurtured to evolve genetically/biologically/naturally within each individual while simultaneously nurturing it to evolve within all individuals. The morally balanced individual nurtures his own ego needs to grow with the same need in others; contributing time/energy/work production to this need of others. The morally imbalanced individual suffers under a disproportionate dysfunction of his need, sucking from others to get temporary forward growth; eventually decaying backward into disease and premature death. With increasing frustration at loss of life-meaning, he will kill his fellow man to get what he wants. Or he willingly will become part of the sophisticated surrogate killing mechanism which, motivated by jealousy of joy, crushes child individual curiosity. From nursery through pollution to flying bombs, the smiling bureaucrat is “Merely doing my job.” The imbalanced approves.

The morally balanced individual, suffering under a disproportionate dysfunction of his/others need for identity/dignity/integrity within an individuality-insulting and brain crippling society/institution/authority, will either: Kneel in obedience; or, Fight with courage.

The former behavior freezes brain into permanently broken slavery; into the habit of submission. The latter behavior thaws brain into permanently struggling freedom. Only the latter behavior is worthy of consideration within a society dominated by the fear/greed syndrome of the old rootstem killer ape. Only the latter behavior has the unprecedented historic opportunity of contributing time/energy/work/production to the evolutionary event now attempting to grow Man into the 3/8ths bulk of the dormant frontal lobes--the probable spiritual center outgrowing killer ape into cosmic consciousness.

To fight with courage, one must:

1) Become aware of a relevant problem of social immorality;
2) System-analyze the social causes and individual cures;
3) Organize counter-power superior to the diseased power;
4) Begin systematic/comprehensive attack to win or lose termination.

There are enough life jobs open for the courageous. The cowardly need not apply. The rule of determination: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

T. D. Lingo

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