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Dialog: “Courage”

Mary had a little lamb
Its life was neatly powered
From the schools to butcher war
Hurrah for Mom! (You coward)

1) Inventory specific examples in your formal education when you were specifically instructed/indoctrinated not to perform an act of courage in the face of a blatantly dominant immorality. Mull over the unspecific examples of your taught/self-developed sins of omission; of the wrong/bad/evil social realities which quietly were not brought to your attention; which you quietly pretended were not worthy of notice.

2) Inventory specific examples wherein:

A) A social immorality was identified clearly and simply;
B) Bureaucracy was analyzed to identify one causative individual;
C) Attack force was organized;
D) Attack was begun, fought and terminated to final judgment.

3) What acts of courage have you performed in your life to date? How have you (others) honored them; in what prose/poetries/songs? What symbols/battle-flags/battle-scars do you have for each act of courage to carry into old age esteem; to inspire the newly learning brave?

4) Inventory specific examples of injustice today which you can rea1istically contribute a small or large quantity or/and quality of time/energy/work/production/money toward solution. Inventory specific reasons of reality which prevent you from so contributing now; from so contributing later in life.

5) How does one maintain balance of individuality/dignity/integrity while remaining neutral, or withdrawing and retreating, from a minor or major moral attack on one’s self? On one’s friend?

6) How does one maintain balance of job security while systematically pursuing social acts of courage? What if one cannot maintain the balance?

7) Discuss the wisdom of the military saying: “Sometimes better, run away; fight again another day.”

8) Discuss the relation of “fighting” within today’s youth/peace movenent. What symbolic forms of “ritual killing” can be used as substitute for the actual thing? How is aggression/violence/war related to brains old rootstem; cortex; frontal lobes? Can aggression be volted down below the kill threshold via formal education of the emotions; of brain self-control? Why must fight-aggression be?

9.) Within the natural law, Survival of the Fittest, can the morally weak, the cowards, the slaves, survive within social injustice by remaining passive/obedient/conforming; socially invisible?

10) How important--in terms of T/E/W/P & Money--do you think/feel is the work of re-educating Man away from Killer Ape and into Homo Novus? How many specific individuals and specific organizations are working on this one specific goal? How much courage are you willing to divert from your micro ego needs to this macro ego need? How much courage are you willing to invest in this last race between cataclysm and education?

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