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The terminal behavior from proper education is maturity. To be mature is to be dominantly a creator of energy for others, not a consumer of energy from others.

The test of maturity is one’s inner self-confidence and outer production. Prior to achieving the 51st percentile of mature brain-body growth, after which the remainder of life is continuous improvement, the student of self/life needs to establish a standard of excellence against which he/she can test his/her position on the continuum of immaturity/maturity.

Write a checklist of the simplest questions, the most comprehensive behavioral traits which enfold and systematize your self)view, knowledge-view and world-view of reality. From this guide you will be able daily to tune continuously each of your imperfections to perfections.

Physical Energy System:

Intellectual Energy Systems

Emotional Energy Systems

Spiritual Energy System:

To answer yes to all is to be mature.

To answer yes to all is to understand the nature of human nature.

To answer yes to all is to live a philosophy of life which harmonizes the nature of man with the power of society.

From the perfection of maturity, life becomes a daily joy; a daily meaning. From the beginning of your re-birth to your death, life is but one thing: endlessly interesting.

Mature fun.
T. D. Lingo

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