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He who cannot endure to be alone with himself will inflict the pain of his boredom and fear of life upon others. The others, in time, will inflict upon him their hate. For when inhibited growth of individual potential deteriorates into entropic group deterioration, the last act of the gasping lifeforce is to strike out destructively the destroyer.

If the self is lonely with the self, no amount of external entertainment/community/activity will fill the endlessly deepening chasm of personal meaninglessness. Mindless conformity to the individuality smothering group seems the only way to remain balanced, sane; but not growing.Miiddle age becomes a desperation; old age a horror.

He who relishes alone contemplation and mature child play, masters both inner)directed and outer)directed thought and feeling computations in brain. Individual growth is balanced/harmonized with social responsibility. Life becomes a self)controlled joy, meaning; in and out of the secondary supportive group. For only thus can primary creative process
be started, nurtured and harvested in perpetual yield of truth/beauty/goodness for the greater evolution of all. The supreme folly is to waste life without discovering the creativity of precious privacy. The supreme sin: to intrude uninvited into privacy generating creativity.

1) What is the longest time of aloneness you have experienced? Why is this not programmed into the public’s schools? Is it legal to teach a child to be alone in primal nature?

2) Could you endure being alone all winter in this mountain cabin?

3) Discuss your experiences of loneliness. What consequences to growth?

4) Discuss the social mechanism of subtly crippling the individual into the dependency of needing to be totally with others in a conforming group. With one other in “love.” What delicate effect does this have upon your primary creative process? Upon the other?

5) What symptoms of growing self)boredom do you observe in others? In self? In the lonely crowd? Describe the etiology of how this dis-ease degenerates into loneliness, anxiety, fear, hostility, hate, violence and death. Relate to social war.

6) What program os systematic privacy can you build into your life? What program of systematic privacy can be built into the communal need to be cooperative with others in pro)life society?

7) Describe the privacy)maintaining mechanism you now use in daily preservation of your dignity/integrity/individuality.

8) Why do some male/female relationships rot into two neurotics sucking each other for sex and hating each other for violating deeper individual needs? What are the fear motivations? The greed motivations? How does mature love differ?

9) Discuss the problem of privacy and creativity in the city. In primal nature. In America. Russia. China. Cuba. Each and every other significant social experiment trying to patch to wholeness spaceship Earth before the cataclysm. In future Good Life.

T.D. Lingo

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