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Urban Survival: 10 Steps

Historically, the fear/greed syndrome of the urban castrate has been covered under the drug illusion and media myth. Beneath, the same old rootstem killer ape lurks-- merely with hair longer than his over $25,000 a year father. The tests After the 5 year game of playing “street people” is over, what does the frustrated mob do? Riot. From Altamont to Boulder; from Beatles to Joplin, the swindle culture is over. No rock star ever invested a dollar of his ripoff in funding a school. False prophets of money-rnad infantiles have led a generation to the edge of a neural chasm. The properly shocked finally, desperately, are retreating back to the only solution to life: the hard work of teaching/learning. Brain self-control. Self-discipline. Toughness.

Unlike the Hitler Jew who missed the last train because he. delayed making a decision by but one day, the wise today are investing every hour and dollar in a calculated escape from the aimless/meaningless/joyless city; back to the land; back to primal nature at-onement. The problem, then, is the transition ones How can I remain healthy, sane and motivated while working in the city to earn the money to buy the land? The solution is clear and simple, for those willing to work and learn:

1) Define your goal; in steps of days, weeks, months, years.

2) Master brain self-control so motivation outgrows the age 25 energy curve die-off. iaster the self-therapy procedures of cortex volting-up and thalamus emotioning-up to daily fight off the massive subtle forces which eat morning sleep regenerated energy. Grow strong.

3) Create your mature child playsie/funsie gamsies of o-wow curiosity interest in observing the nature of human nature, thereby deriving entertainment, not destruction, from the constant bombardment of your brain tissue by fools. Have fun fencing, wrestling, chessing.

4) Create a weekend retreat and refuge to re-absorb the primal positive nutrition from soil and sky and seed, thus re-energizing your desired return to the rat trap--the crucial link in your survival chain.

5) Finally, to avoid the ultimate destruction of society by using this procedure only as a 99% ego escape into your hidey hole, start investing an increasing quantity and quality of your time/energy into social production: into teaching and changing actions which persuade or force city individuals and power institutions toward new ways of growth away from death and up to life.

6) Write a comprehensive anticipatory Master Program of the above, modifying it to your unique personal needs. Make very sure each unit blossoms in action statements: “I am doing this.” “I shall do this,”

7) Organize your discussion &roup dedicated to real talk; dedicated to reality action. Reenforce emerging virile man; liberated woman.

8) Organize your money in a real economy, investing top d::liars in tools/books/learnings. Build your bank account. Budget.

9) Organize free time/energy into neural power accounting practice. sessions within a homesteading laboratory teaching wilderness archetecture, building and farming. Avoid the terror of going to the land and failing; missing your one chance at freedom.

10) Courage. Relax. Enjoy city goods. Grow into frontal lobes.


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