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Catastrophe Amongst Our Children

Destruction of children appears to be the prime function of parenting in America.

Childhood is terror.

Nation-wide? 1-in-20 Life-1oving youngsters now carries a se1f-defense weapon. Within inner city schools, 1-in-5 no longer Life-S trusting innocents now is forced to pocket a counter attacking gun.

The reason for this devo1ution into criminal insanity is brain ignorance.

The crime is not genetically honest kids. The crime is parents. The crime is teachers. The crime is community.

The crime is adult ignorance.

Mothers and Fathers are criminally ignorant of the basic scientific fact that the human brain is not fully functional. Classroom teachers are monstrously ignorant of the basic integrity fact that Life. Clean children now can be taught to self—circuit progressively toward/into 100% neuron powered creative intelligence, personal happiness, inter--personal cooperation with group moral goodness, joyous telepathic consensus sharing of communal commonwealth communion and divine love at-onement with Universe/Creator.

Because of this fundamental ignorance of how all emotions, thoughts and behaviors originate in the central nervous system, confused boys and girls retreat into their lowest animal self-defense and counter— attack actions of living Life as un—relieved hostility.

Because of this fatal parental failure, this boring school failure and this stupid community failure to teach young sunshine scholars precisely how to grow up into rapturous neuronal self—fulfillment, reptilian children turn for emotional support and intellectual guidance to the only societal institution which clearly and simply offers help: Gangs.

Gang combat gives the highest emotional high—-— as taught by Fathers and Grandfathers and mass media after Kuwait, Panama, Viet Nam, Korea, World War II.

Gang brotherhood and sisterhood gives the surest wisdom strategy of precisely how to survive adult war reality.

Gang beatings and stabbings and shootings (like on TV) now have become the number one cause of child Death—— along with no—hope suicide. And parents, schools, teachers, preachers, politicians and community are doing nothing truly to stop this grotesque warping of the next generation. Not State Legislature. Not Congress. Not Bush. Not Clinton, Not Perot. Not Jesse. They all, blatantly, are impotent. Idea impotent. Scientific fact impotent. Action sterile.

Thus are cities rotting inexorably into jungle rattlesnake fear.



Suck booze.

Inject dope.

So what is the final—-only—— meaning remaining to continue living Life for these confused, mixed—up, lost, pained, stupefied, defenseless cute little fellas and gutsie gals?


Start at age 12. Constant by 14.


Breed the final generation of depressed, desperate, hopeless, impossible, terrorized, numb babies.

“Education” thus becomes lie.

School classroom teaching thus is cheat.

True education is the euphoric enchantment of secure, relaxed, loved, bright-eyed cherub deliciously absorbing all the user-friendly K-l2 knowledges so as to grow up into un—neurotic, un—psychotic, economy— prosperous citizenship within harmoniously cooperative community of singing neighbors.

True education is K—l2 learning how the human brain works and how to do brain self—control so as to absorb all humane knowledges as an act of inter—personal affection between Mother, Father, Teacher, Minister and Community Leaders--- all plainly visible to the kids because all talk to each other daily on the peace—full streets about how to make Life better and better and better.

True education is K—l2 learning to click the brain’s master click— switch, the amygdala organ, forward. rftj shunts electro—consciousness energy into the 1/3rd bulk of the dormant frontal lobes (one’s entire forehead). And that causes the “nirvana, epiphany, re—birth, en—lightenment, I see God face—to—face” transcendence implosion.

IQ increases involuntarily 10 to 40 points on the Stanford—Binet Intelligence Test0 Innovative invention rises reflexively 500% to 1400% on the Getzels-Jacksofl Creativity Test. Most importantly, a new order of species telepathy to consensus action emerges. Compulsively.

This is the bio-logical basis of communal paradise. This is the neuro—logical foundation of school utopia. Of family gorgeousness

But because they instinctively know—— simply KNOW (via genetic wisdom)—that they are being robbed of such natural growth by their crafty elders, aching children are rebelling. Wilding. Uith preg. With knife. With kill. The Gun Generation.

Today’s lie education——now being taught in suburban and rural schools, as well as in the inner city war zones—— is: Infantry cold sweat. “Duck and cover! As soon as you hear the first shot, dive under something. Forget books. Forget about relaxed curiosity learning. Forget about naturally getting your total happiness tranquility into brain completion and spiritual perfection. Always be animal—alert. Terror—tense. Rattlesnake—ready. To defend your Self. To counter— attack your attacker. The war of all against all. In short, forget about growing up. Forget about The Good Life. There is none.”

Thus are all smiling children being taught to be killer apes.

Thus is “prosperous” society—which consumes its children——like a star which consumes its basic energy: Expand into temporary super nova (affluence). Then, collapse.

Thus is the un—limited, free—market supply of small, snub—nosed, 25-caliber pistols being advertised openly and sold joyously to increasing capitalist demand in each child’s school for only $15.

Thus is America The Beautiful now Armageddon. End-time.

Shall womb—wise Mothers join together lovingly to fight this last fight to save your children and community?

Shall power-wise Fathers join together to form still sane extended families so as to reverse this suicide tide via neurology??

Shall the mass media teach your family how to re—start communal growth via the now available, easy, pleasant, step—by—step exercises which quickly cause frontal lobes self-transcendence???

In short, shall you and your neighbors awaken sleeping mass media editors to help save America via mass transcending all children, adolescents and adults into whole brain powered naturalness????


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