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Put Your iPod in Disk Mode

Sometimes the iPod can be a stubborn ‘lil bugger who refuses to mount on your computer.  A quick fix is to slip the iPod into Disk Mode, which is a helpful way to troubleshoot most iPod disk mounting issues.

ipod1. You need to restart your iPod before putting it into Disk Mode. Check that your hold switch is off by sliding the switch away from the headphone jack.

2. Press and hold the following combination of buttons buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds to reset the iPod.

3. Restart the iPod as explained above, then as soon as you see the Apple logo, let go, and then hold down the "Fast Forward" and "Rewind" buttons. This will force your iPod into Disk Mode. At this point your iPod may mount on your computer. If not, try restarting the computer.

4. Once your iPod is in Disk Mode (it should say that on the top of the iPod's LCD screen) and is flashing the "Do not disconnect" icon, you should be all set.


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