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Stands for ovesen.NET Airport Express Player. This small application records the music and sound played by your pc and streams it to an Airtunes enabled Airport Express. It has never been this easy streaming music and sound to your Airport Express without using iTunes.

Yes, you red correctly. You can use Media Player, WinAmp or another music player with your Airport Express.

oAEP was made with help from JustePort (Jon Lech Johansen) and CsWavRRec (Ianier Munoz).
How much does oAEP cost?

Nohing it is absolutely free. Of that reason I do not provide any support. If you like it, please donate any amount.
Is oAEP illegal?

I do not know the law in your country. Please find out yourself. In Denmark, breaking encryption, like the one Apples Airport Express, is allowed by the law as long it is for personal use only.

* Windows operating system
* .NET 2.0 (get it here)
* Sound card
* Wireless LAN
* And maybe some more... :)

Go and download now

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Creative Commons License