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Mac OS X: The Finder

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The Finder is to Mac OS X, what the Explorer is in Windows. Below are several of the different viewing options available.

To get to your desktop quickly press Fn-F11. To bring up the Finder, click on the Macintosh HD

macintosh hd


or click on the Finder icon on the far left of your Dock

Finder Icon


There are several different views available on the Finder, but when the Finder opens it will default to the icon view. I prefer the organizational structure of the column view, and you can have the Finder default to that by going to the View on the Finder menu bar. To change from the default view icon view to column view, begin by opening the Finder.


To change from the default icon view click first make sure that you are in the view that you want to be in, then click on the Show View Options and in our case select the Always open in column view checkbox. If it does not take, then you may have to Restart the system.

Col On


Icon View

Finder Folders


List View

Finder List


Column View

Finder Columns


Cover Flow View

Finder Coverflow


Quick Look View

Finder Quicklook


Perform Task On Selected

Perform Selected Task



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