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Changing the Appearance of Your Dock

By: Aleisha Mork

Step 1

From your Desk top go to the Picture of and apple in the top left corner and click on it

This is the menu you will get when you click on the Apple:


From this menu select System Preferences, then select Dock.

This is the screen you will get:

img 3

From here you can change each section altering the placement and appearance of your Dock.

The first you can change the over all size of the dock by moving the slider, next to Dock Size.

You can make it very small by moving the slider to:


or large by moving it to the other side


I personally like it some where in the middle.

But as you move the slider you can preview what the Dock will look like by letting go of the slider and it will show as the size you have selected. You can preview each selection you make in this same way.

Next you can change the magnification.

Magnification can be turned off or on. To change it you must turn it on by having a check the box

Then move this slider to Min or Max

image 5



The difference will be seen when you hold you mouse over an application on the Dock

Max Magnification:


Medium Magnification:


Min Magnification does not cause any magnification

Then select where you want you dock to appear by selecting one of the options under Position on Screen:




then pick in what effect you in which you would like the icons to minimize

Select either:

img 6d


Then you can Check Either, Neither, or one of the two options at the bottom:


You now should have your dock looking just how you like it.


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